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I wish it wasn’t. I mean, why does anyone care what a child wears? But people do care. And for some reason it’s okay for girls to wear superhero pjs to school but not for a boy to wear a dress.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are the parents to 4 boys. One of them likes to wear dresses. Does this make him a girl? No. It makes him a boy who likes to wear dresses. Does it make him gay? Wut? I don’t see how one’s clothing makes them more attracted to one gender over the other.

This is a big deal because two very public personas are speaking out about their child when they don’t owe anyone any explanation. But in doing so, they’re enlightening and educating those who will listen. Using a platform such as theirs could save a life.

We need to start talking with our children about accepting others regardless of what the world may be saying to the contrary. When our children grow up with open minds and hearts, accepting others, they have a better chance of being the parents their future children may need. So often a child’s first bully is one or both of their parents.

In my Facebook memories this morning, I was reminded of the loss of one of our children two years ago due to her own father not affirming her for who she truly was. I wept again for this child and so many like her.

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Continue to talk openly about differences in people and how those differences make the world a more beautiful place. Please. I can’t take another needless suicide of one of our precious children.