Taking care of yourself is a priority that we must all keep in mind. There are thousands of ways to do this: you can do some physical activity, meditation, yoga, or stimulate the brain through mental exercises, studies, or training. For some people, this can be as simple as filling out the newspaper crossword. For others, it may be to obtain an MBA or start private classes in an academy or Educational Institution. 

For everyone, especially at this time when things feel out of control, learning new skills can give us a focused sense of purpose toward preparing for new academic or career opportunities.

Many of us today wonder what the future of work will be like. The best answer to this question is: learn new skills or the so-called upskilling. The main objective of this initiative is to be able to apply the knowledge learned in the short term, ideally in the tasks in which we currently perform. You can learn new skills from the best online course platforms via reading online.

There are a million reasons to put lifelong learning at the top of your to-do list. Here is a list of resources that you can use during your free #time, from the comfort of your home or office. Finish the courses to be awarded an Acclaim Digital Badge!

  1. IBM. The IBM Skills Portal is the perfect resource for expanding your knowledge base on topics such as AI (artificial intelligence) learning, blockchain, finance, and cloud computing.
  2. Oracle. TheOracle Digital Credential Program through Oracle University is a great way to create a unique training path that complements your career goals. Become an expert in Oracle hardware and software and Oracle Cloud products. 
  3. ForgeRock. The ForgeRock University is free and comes complete with a digital credential that can share in our nets once we approve the final evaluation. Here you can learn how to manage accessibilities, manage identities and even learn about existing identity portals.
  4. EnterpriseDB. Creating or improving skill progression is within everyone’s reach with free EnterpriseDB training. Learn everything there is to know about database administration, and then share your new knowledge (and your digital badge) with your LinkedIn network.