The women of America could use some help with their sleep, according to the results of Thrive Global’s survey of 1,500 U.S. women conducted in partnership with Women’s Health and the American Sleep Association. And there are a few key culprits to blame, including (but not surprisingly) stress and noisy sleep environments. Women’s Health has put together a comprehensive guide on how to keep these sleep-disturbers from keeping you awake, which you can check out at, but here’s a look at what the survey found:

  • 88 percent of women don’t sleep through the night on a regular basis, and nearly a third told us that they never get an uninterrupted night of sleep.

  • Being physically uncomfortable at night is a common sleep disruptor— a whopping 90 percent of women said that things like chronic discomfort wake them up.

  • Women have issues unplugging before bed—90 percent of respondents sleep with their phones in their rooms.

  • Stress and anxiety about things like work, finances, relationships and kids wakes up 68 percent of women at least several nights a week.

  • Women know they’re not sleeping enough (79 percent had spoken with friends about their lack of sleep), but only 25 percent said they’d seen a doctor about sleep issues).

  • Noise is a big nighttime problem: 67 percent of respondents said sounds regularly wake them up.

No matter what your biggest sleep issues are, it’s important to make solving them a priority. “Women need to remember they’ll be more effective for those they love if they prioritize their own well-being,” Thrive Global founder and CEO, and author of the Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington, told Women’s Health. “It’s like they say on planes: In the event of an emergency, secure your own oxygen mask first before helping others.”

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