This is what you should do once your interview is scheduled. Photo Courtesy of Pexels.

So you have finally had your way with this amazing job opportunity and now you don’t want to mess it up. This blog will ease you through this small phase from shortlisting to interview. These tips will keep you calm so that you perform well.

Do your research

Study everything about the company interviewing you, don’t just study like anyone one would. Find unique opportunities to sell your goals. Find links between the goals of the company and your goals.

For Example:

I was once looking up information about a company and I ran into the LinkedIn profile of an HR Manager. I got to know that He and I shared the same date of birth, and it was like 7 days back.

You might use such information depending on the vibe of the situation. I had said this when the interview was over and we were waving goodbyes.

Take a good Sleep

This applies even if the Interview is scheduled tomorrow, a week after or a month. We often underestimate the power of good sleep, a good night’s sleep will reflect on your next day. The more fresh and alive you feel on the day of the interview the better.

If you are over thinking and you can’t sleep.

Practice Deep Breathing. Engage in some other activity like watching a football game, stand up comedy or reading a book. The key is to take your mind off the interview, and doze off to sleep.

What should you do on the day of the interview?

You have to make sure you don’t overreact with your interview over your head. The more you panic, the more anxious you will feel. This will impact your performance in the interview.

So first thing in the morning.

Make your bed

The first thing you should as you wake up is to make your bed.

“Sometimes the simple act of making your bed can give you the lift you need to start your day and provide you the satisfaction to end it right”.

Ex Navy Seal Commander McRaven

Making your bed will give you a sense of accomplishment of the task and start your day on a happy note. And God forbid, if your interview goes bad, you have a nice, warm and cozy bed waiting for you.

Go for a Walk and get some Exercise

This will open up your body and make you more relaxed.

Exercise gives a rush of hormones like testosterone and adrenaline. These hormones make you more relaxed, feel good and increase your confidence.

Tony Robbins, in his book “Awaken the Giant Within”, talks about how motion creates emotion. 

If you sit sloppy or lay on the bed doing nothing you will start to feel bored and depressed. If you stand up straight, yell out loud and put your physiology to action, you will start to feel great.


On the day of Interview, you should take time out to meditate. Even if you don’t meditate on a regular basis you should try sitting down and relax with deep breathing. 

If you find the Idea of meditation overwhelming, try making a gratitude list. You can’t feel stressed out while embracing emotions of gratitude.

Eat Healthy

What you eat has a direct impact on your physical and mental state.

You might feel an urge to eat more because of stress or you might feel loss of appetite due to anxiety. Being aware of this will give you control over your diet.

Not eating enough food or eating less nutritious food causes fatigue. Eating foods with high sugar could cause fatigue when the blood sugar level goes down. 

Use caffeine in moderation, caffeine intake could boost your energy for a short while but it doesn’t do anything good.

Drink more water and eat foods rich with proteins. Eat more fruits, vegetables and unprocessed food.

In a nutshell

Here is a quick overview of what you need to do on the day of interview so that you stress less and perform better.

Before the day of Interview

  • Do your research
  • Take a good sleep

On the day of Interview

  • Start your day with making your bed
  • Go for a walk and Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Eat Healthy

Practise these simple steps to rock your Interview. Best Luck.