Whether you have started your own business and are now working on scaling things up, or you are the CEO of a large multinational, you have most likely fallen for the management trap. This trap is the one that makes many high-ranking individuals like you feel overwhelmed, even when you do all that you can do to make things work out, such as by delegating your work, or by hiring new managers to take over the numerous projects you are involved in. A manager is indeed a great thing to have, but whether they are helping or making you busier is the real question.

Are You Stuck in the Management Trap?

The management trap is when you try to free up some time to be able to focus on the things that they need more time for, but then end up actually having to give up more time to manage the new managers that have just been hired. Signs of being stuck in this trap include:

  • Feeling like you are never going forward, as though there is no “best way” to get things done
  • Feeling like you need to constantly have an overview of the events and deadlines coming up
  • Feeling like you might not have the right team members with you because you feel like you are working on your own a majority of the time
  • Feel like you are always the person everyone comes to when they have the slightest question about your project
  • Feel like you need to ensure that the tasks are getting done
  • And on top of this, you feel frustrated, because you ask yourself, Isn’t that why I hired a manager?

And you’d be right! That is what a manager should be doing. Work management is time-consuming and you might not be the best at it — you might be frustrated with the lack of efficiency and might be completely drained at the end of the day, feeling as though you have even more on your hands than before you hired the manager. But there is hope!

What’s the Solution?

It’s simple: hire someone who is a pro at managing businesses, teams, and projects: an Online Business Manager (OBM). An OBM is your perfect helper as they are excellent at managing all aspects that your business consists of: he or she will oversee and manage the operations, the projects, the people involved in each of these, as well as your business’ metrics. Unlike hiring a manager who needs to report to you and who may be confused or lost whenever you send them away because you hired them to free up time (!), an OBM is trained to perform his or her tasks independently. An expert at working online and thus remotely, they are best-placed to get all things done and only be in touch when they truly need to be.

Unless you hire someone made for the job, management will become your responsibility. That’s the ugly truth! Give it a try and see for yourself how much more time and energy you can spare.