Therapy and mental health and wellness have always been vital, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, a spotlight has been shed on mental health and the importance of therapy. As a mental health specialist, I am incredibly appreciative of this newfound focus on mental health, particularly the resources that have been made available for individuals to attend to their mental wellness at home.

Linn Martinsen, a psychotherapist with eighteen years of experience in private practice, has played a big part in increasing the accessibility of therapy and mental health resources at home. She recently released her Therapy Toolkit — a deck of sixty cards that allow the user to explore their story and experience further in the privacy of their own home, or even with the help of a therapist. I had the pleasure of trying out her Therapy Toolkit, and I am so impressed by the time and effort that went into making each card — including the therapy and art content.

Before trying out the Therapy Toolkit, I assumed that it would be a collection of cards with basic prompts for self-exploration, but there is so much more to it. Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a booklet that not only discusses the cards and how to use them, but it also defines what therapy is. The cards are designed to emulate therapy and allow the user to practice therapeutic concepts while at home, which is incredible because it allows individuals to remain in their safe space while exploring heavy topics. Each card is part of a different category, including childhood, feelings, relationships, and experiences. Every category has a set number of cards exploring concepts unique to each person, and each card includes questions and instructions on how to explore the main theme of the card. The booklet is helpful in this case because it describes what each bold and italicized word means, while guiding the user through the therapeutic process they are embarking on.

The Therapy Toolkit is much more advanced than I originally assumed, and it is beautifully illustrated. I am impressed by how in-depth the cards and the booklet are because they teach users about therapy while guiding them through an authentic therapeutic process. I am excited to use these cards on my own and further explore my story in conjunction with traditional therapy.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend this beautiful kit enough. If you work in the mental health field or would like to try out at-home therapy for yourself, I highly suggest picking up this deck of cards. The cost makes it much more accessible than traditional therapy, and you are sure to find yourself transforming if you are dedicated to putting in the time to explore yourself through each card. I want to thank Linn Martinsen for creating such a beautiful new tool for the therapeutic world, and I will share it with every professional and individual I know who is interested in the healing power of therapy.

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