There’s a new exercise class even non-exercisers can excel at. It’s called Napercise, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: an afternoon class where the sole focus is flexing your sleep muscle.

The class is offered by UK-based fitness chain David Lloyd Clubs and will debut this weekend with a trial run at one location in London’s Sidcup district. (It’s already sold-out, according to the company’s website.)

Mashable reports that the 60-minute class consists of pre- and post-nap stretches with a solid 45-minutes of sleep time in the middle. The room is set to an ideal temperature for sleep and each class-goer gets their own bed, blanket and eye mask.

The promotional video for the class is specifically targeted at parents, a perennially tired group, but anyone who needs an afternoon pick-me-up may benefit from going. Research suggests that napping can help improve cognitive function and memory. Plus, studies show that getting adequate rest improves your athletic performance (so you can make the most of that gym membership). It remains to be seen whether this trial run will result in a full slate of Napercise classes, and whether people are really willing to pay to sleep in the long-term, but getting a little more rest could do us all a lot of good.

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