ChidiUdengwu Jr

With great talents come greater responsibilities and even greater dreams. It depends on you, whether you are going to act on them or simply continue to not put in efforts.

Obviously, it is the active choice of people whether they want to work towards their dreams and goals or not. People will do whatever they are passionate about, but just because you are passionate about something does not mean that you’re not going to face challenges in this field. Especially sports, it is extremely difficult for athletes to make a name as well as place in the professional world because of the increasing competition these days, everyone wants to be perfect and everyone is working hard. But you have to think about, what sets you apart? What makes you unique, how is your way of tackling situations and training better to become the best player ever?

Today we come across ChidiUdengwu Jr, a basketball prodigy who has been an example for thousands who have watched him play, have played along with him or in the opposition teams. Making his way through the court, ChidiUdengwu Jr has become one of the youngest basketball talents from the Enugu state of Nigeria.

With a great physique of 6 foot 7, people usually assume that it must be very easy for ChidiUdengwu Jr to become successful in his basketball career owing to his height.Common folks fail to realise that talents play their part here, and having a good structure and stamina are just parts of playing basketball. He has been extremely hardonhimself because he is aware the competition that will be thrown at him out there, making sure to prepare himself for anything. Currently, he is training to become the first player from his state to be coveted in the G League of NBA. It is certainly not easy, but it isn’t impossible too.

ChidiUdengwu Jr describes his experience to be full of difficulties yet enjoyable, he genuinely has fun playing basketball and mostly trains to win, it is all in the stamina, energy and constant efforts. Slacking off is just not an option. Back in the school days when he wasn’t able to make it to the high school varsity basketball team, he was pretty upset but this only hit him harder because since then on he has managed to channel is all his energy into training himself, he scored it in his senior year. This is the mindset of a successful person, they don’t just back down after facing a difficult situation, they analyse where they have gone wrong and fixed the problem, only getting better at it with every passing day. You can certainly imagine how good of a player he would turnout to be once he finally makes it to the NBA G League.

There are other aspects of life too that ChidiUdengwu Jr enjoys as much as playing basketball, for example, his podcast ‘ChitChatWithChidi’. Since he has always loved talking to people, especially speaking, he decided that public speaking was really his thing and he would want to continue doing it in the future just for the sake of it. It is not always the big things, the small things in life also matter, these are what makes life worth the while.