The one essential practice that can comfort and strengthen you through the shadows is your connection to divine energy. When you connect to divine energy you feel supported, held, guided. You know you are on the right path. You release control to a greater knowing.

We are perpetually refining and defining what self-care means for ourselves, and that is evolution in action. A critical piece of the puzzle is to train yourself to ask for and claim what you need and want in terms of personal nourishment, and healing for your expansion and happiness, and not put a cap on it. 

With all that has been going on globally this formula is one to rely on. It is simple, though as with many life koans, not easy. It is about prioritizing your own self-care so that you are in flow with the yourself, and the Universe.

When you take these actions, the Universe steps up to meet you, you connect to that divine energy and your vibration changes. 

I first began to understand this lesson as a single mom I when got knocked off course by problems with my kids, ex-husband, fears, and worries. The habit of worrying and being anxious was bred into me at a DNA level. Alone, with two tiny girls dependent on me, I realized—they model me. And if I am not happy, then they aren’t either. I slowly began to learn: I have to choose for my own happiness in EVERY circumstance. What I choose for my highest good is always for the highest good of all involved. 

This meant: releasing my attachment to being understood, or to a romance that would never nourish me. Taking my ego out of the challenges in my daughters’ lives and seeing them in their highest lights. Becoming disciplined about my body’s signals—anxiety means I need exercise, not soothing. Simple. Not easy. 

The power of disciplined practice is undeniable, and grants peace, confidence, and quiet strength. It grants the feeling of support, of new ideas. The Universe’s plans are always grander than our own. A mantra to use when you want something is ‘This, or something better’ because often the Universe has a far more creative plan than you do. Yet you can only connect with that plan when you choose against your habits of fear, worry and “I have to do it myself” in favor of, “Miracles happen every day. I am open to surprises.”

I encourage you to see the challenges that have come into your path as places where you can ask for help, for guidance beyond your own thinking.

And take the steps to be clear and available to receive that guidance!  

Here are a few of the practices that help me:

– Waking early for meditation and journaling. 
– Eating clean, and not eating past 8 pm. I literally look at the clock every night to adhere to this! 
– Getting plenty of sleep. 7 hrs is about right for me. 
– Recognizing that when energy gets stuck it needs to move. This is critical!
– Using sage, Palo Santo, salt baths, movement, and other clearing strategies.
– Sitting quietly and asking to reconnect.
– Sitting about five minutes longer than I think is necessary. 

What do your practices look like at this time? How can you support yourself to be more clear and available to receive divine guidance?

If you would like some support, I offer a free 2 day guide to the essential reset, which will help you to connect back to yourself so that you can connect to the divine when you need. You can receive it here.

Photo by David Baker on Unsplash