Black-and-white photography is an art form that still has potent power to shape what we see and how it makes us feel. The most basic choice someone using photography as an art form makes is whether they will shoot in color or black-and-white. We initially believe that color is always the best way to portray a subject. However, black-and-white photography art communicates with us in a profoundly unique way.

The reductive simplicity of black-and-white photography, along with distinct aesthetic, results in a unique artistic expression that captivates us. When black-and-white photography is taken on the road in far-off places, it feels as if time has stopped and we are peering into an even more far-off place than it is.

Taking advantage of how environmental black-and-white photography makes people feel is a father-daughter duo that has traveled around the world to take captivating artistic photos in striking black-and-white.

Gabriel Maia is the man and artist behind the camera, and he has tag-teamed with his daughter in a way that has resulted in the production of gripping art. These two have been producing great artistic photography while traveling to exotic locations most of us will never get to experience in person.

Gabriel shows off his professional technique as a photographer in a couple of different areas, with black-and-white photography being one of them. Traveling the world, he captures city landscapes, natural landscapes, images of fashion, and the beautiful and daily life that occurs around the world.

According to Gabriel, doing a portrait photoshoot in a studio pales in comparison to the beauty of the environment out and about in the world. That is why throughout his career as a professional photographer, he has focused on shooting black-and-white photography, along with environmental portrait photography, in the real world. His two favorite settings are taking photos in natural landscapes and in cities.

Traveling the world with his daughter has been an enriching experience for these two. Not only did he get to introduce her to cultures very different from her own, but he was able to collaborate with her in the environmental portrait photography that is one of his chief focuses as an artist. When it comes to black-and-white photography, Gabriel and his daughter were able to seek out some of the best locations to photograph, especially where there were scenes of everyday life.

Whether it is ancient and mystical temples, stunning architectural design, streets teeming with life, or people enjoying a leisurely day at the park, Gabriel has an eye for the right scenes and moments to capture, in the uniqueness and potency of black-and-white photography.

Gabriel has already amassed an extensive portfolio, with much of his black-and-white photography being on display in Vogue Italia.