Travelling is one of the most exciting activities one can do. Many people have a travel destination on their bucket list while others travel for a living. Mike Richy and Truman Mylin have traveled throughout the country for a year, not for pleasure, but for business. They’ve gone to many states taking Templemill Productions to another level. 

The two co-founders have traveled far and wide filming top entrepreneurs, and it’s completely changed their lives. It must be so much fun to move around the country for a living, right? Especially for the two since they are both from small towns. So far they’ve worked with Gerard Adams, Victoria Justice, Ulyses Osuna, Celebrity Chef Bryan-David Scott, Maddy Grace among other artists and Hollywood actors. Let’s get to know how traveling has impacted them personally and businesswise.

Running a Business While on the Move

Before starting Templemill and traveling the country to film entrepreneurs and celebrities, Richy and Mylin knew little about running a business. They were just camera guys that knew everything about cameras and videography. Launching Templemill meant that they had to learn the ins-and-outs of managing a business quickly and creating systems for generating consistent results. Which is exactly what they did. Two months after the launch they landed a six-figure deal.

Working with top industry leaders from all over the country has taught them a lot. The two have learned the importance of excellent communication, managing time and tasks, contracts, sales, agreements, invoices, billing, systems, and even taxes. Probably the most important lessons the two Templemill founders have learned is that owning a business is a great way to fast track their personal growth.

How it Has Been Working Together

Richy and Mylin first met in Newark, New Jersey, where they worked with Gerard Adams on his personal brand. Before then, they had never worked together, and they had to learn how to do so. They had to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They worked together on season 1, 2 and 3 of Gerard’s interview series; Leaders Create Leaders, along with Digital Jeff. That led to their excellent chemistry and the later formation of their video production company, Templemill Productions.

After working together on different projects, they have learned how to divide tasks. Mylin is an introvert in nature. He is best doing things that involve organization, management of duties, and creation of systems so the business can run smoothly. On the other hand, Richy is the best when it comes to visualizing photos and videos to make them a reality. They compliment each other.

Personal Lessons

As mentioned earlier, the two are small-town guys. Richy is a naturally curious person, which means he truly enjoys working while on the move. He is from a large family, and the curiosity trait runs through his whole family. They are all multilingual. Starting from the head of the family, his father speaks fluent Korean, the older brother speaks fluent Spanish, one of his younger brothers speaks Japanese, and his two younger brothers speak Chinese fluently. Growing up in Utah, Richy never traveled a lot but grew up with influences from cultures of countries around the world. The three years of working while traveling opened his eyes on how much the world has to offer and can’t wait to find out more about it. 

Mylin, on the other hand, grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Until he was 22 years of age, he had never gone further west of Ohio. Since traveling the country, he has learned a lot about different cultures of different people from the many states they’ve visited. It was a very new experience for Mylin and opened up his mind to new perspectives. Now he has a new appreciation of the places and cultures he’s been able to experience. Additionally, traveling the country has even given him a newfound love for Lancaster County, the place he was so eager to leave when he was younger. 


Mike Richy and Truman Mylin have built a team of the best videographers in the country so Templemill can best tell their client’s stories. Their work with actors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities can speak for itself without a doubt. To them, it is not about money, even with no money, they would still be making videos. In fact, they make videos all the time that are personal passion projects with no money attached whatsoever. That is what makes them do the best quality work for their clients. That is what makes them the best.