Every company has one thing as its bottom line … revenue. Am I right?

Isn’t that why people start companies?

Yes, there are other aspects of altruism connected to the overall objectives of the company, but without revenue, none of that is possible.

The reason why I’m working so hard to generate revenue for my business is simply to help and serve more people. I have some specific ideas in mind as to what I want to do, but prior to any of that happening, I have to generate revenue.

The question is, how do we do that?

There are many ways to do so.

But for companies, one of the most effective ways is to have the right people in place who are equipped to help make that a reality.

Most people do not have the skills needed. They need to get the proper training to develop those skills.

One of those companies that recognized that and implemented emotional intelligence or competency training is L’Oreal.

What they did was to select some of their salespeople and trained them through their normal channels.

They then selected another group and had them go through emotionally intelligent training.

What they found out was incredible.

Those who went through the training were able to generate $2.5 million in annual revenue. They sold $91,370 more than other salespeople did. You can read more here.

It must also be noted that the U.S. Air Force has adopted a similar approach to how they hire recruiters, which has led to $3 million in annual savings.

The point is: if your company want to see an overall improvement in productivity, team cohesiveness, and member buy-in, emotional intelligence training is the way to go.

I covered more on this topic in today’s episode of The Kingsley Grant Show, which I would encourage you to listen to and share with others. There are over seventy other topics you can also listen to.


No matter what else goes on at the surface level, at the end of the day, a company wants to know how does “this” affect their bottom-line. This is why they are in business.

However, there are many companies offering training without metrics as to how their training makes a difference to the bottom line. There are little or no studies to substantiate their offer.

The training I offer, is based on what I outlined above as well as from my most recent book: The Emotelligent Leader – Succeed Where Others Failed and Become The Leader Everyone Loves and Wants to Follow.

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