Doctors and Scientists save lives, but their role goes far beyond than just being healers and life savers. They are the ultimate life-givers, making miracles happen the form of healthy babies to couples that have otherwise lost hope at conceiving.

25th July has been marked as an exceptional date in the history of humankind, with the birth of Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, through the successful intervention of scientists in matters related to infertility. Bringing hope to thousands of other childless couples, more than 8 million IVF healthy babies have been brought into this world through the living field of ART since then.

Elucidating on how fulfilling their jobs have proved to be, some of the renowned embryologists talk about how they have helped couples realize their dream of becoming parents.  Goral Gandhi, a pioneering name in ART and IVF in India, says, “Embryologists are not just doctors merely following a protocol. It takes a certain dedication and passion for the work that we do, whether it is the QC measures that we so vehemently follow or making the best use of patient material to produce successful chance at pregnancy.”

Dr Goral Gandhi has successfully taught embryology to more than 300 students, who share her passion for constantly looking for new ways to help patients through better treatment practices and awareness. Talking about the empowering effect of information and awareness, Goral Gandhi says, “Childless couples who are preparing to bring a child into this world but are affected by infertility related barriers might find great comfort in knowing that they have a medical team of embryologist by their side, to help them experience the joy of parenthood.”

The work of an embryologist is mostly behind closed laboratories, where they foster healthy growth of embryos and their eventual culmination into future babies. It is not a typical 9-5 job, rather requires relentless hours of hard work and dedication, but is one of the most unique and fulfilling careers in existence, says Liesl Nel-Themaat, the IVF Lab Director of the University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine program.

With such dedicated scientists each individual’s contribution brings new breakthroughs in approaching infertility. The boundaries of what is possible with IVF and fertility treatment are continually being expanded by these doctors.

Crediting the pivotal role of embryologists in bringing assisted reproduction to what it is today, Lareina F. Welch, a leading embryologist, congratulates the doctor worldwide for creating and supporting life. “This honour wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of pioneer embryologist and the continued efforts of current day embryologists. To all my colleagues and pioneers in our field, I thank you for your dedication and passion. I wish everyone 100% fertilization on World Embryologist’s Day!” she says.


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