Are you satisfied? Do you feel successful according to your idea of the word?

You punch the clock, accomplish what’s on your to-do list, punch out, and go home. You did your job for the day but, is that really all there is?

Let’s face it, a huge chunk of our lives is spent working.  Don’t you deserve more than “going through the motions” out of what is making up your life?

Tom Ward, a writer who covers influencer marketing for Forbes, was one of the many people who are dissatisfied and ready for a career change. But, the difference between Tom Ward and most people—he decided to go for it.

Ward knew what he wanted out of life from a young age. He thought he was on the track towards everything he ever wanted, but when the reality of of his chosen career path gave him a good slap in the face, he knew he needed a new path. But, what?

After reading the book “Reinventing you” by Dorie Clark, he embarked on a journey that lead him to to his current path -without any writing background or degree. For Ward this was a crazy turn of events. “I was never a writer. I was a business major, not an English major.”

Not only that, but he began interviewing some very high profile people—all in just a year and a half. This was unexpected turn for Ward, as he never imagined himself in this role, but after embracing it—he’s thriving at it.

“So I go from a year and a half ago from not even knowing who Jake Paul is, to a year and a half later, I’m speaking at VidCon which was kind of a trip, and this was definitely not my goal. I didn’t even know what influencers were…”

From selling cars to covering influencer marketing for Forbes, Tom Ward has designed and created a life that meets his standards of success.

Here’s some of Ward’s advice on how to find your path and live your best life.

Create, Create, Create

When Ward decided to change his career, he didn’t know where to turn. His idea was to continually create and use that outlet to find his path. “Start an anonymous blog and write until you find your voice and find what you’re really into and what people respond to.” “I think create, create, create. Create content.” Following Tom’s advice, you may start in one place and end up going down a completely different path. The point is, you’ve got to start getting your ideas out of your head. Eventually, patterns are found, ideas solidified and inspiration ignited. 

Find Your Voice

“You can’t try to be somebody else, and you’ve got to be different.” Ward stresses the point that you have to find what makes you unique and use that to stand out. “Know yourself and know your voice so you can be consistent across all channels because if you’re not authentic, no one’s going to buy it and no one’s going to be interested.”

What it means to be authentic is different for everyone. Find what makes you YOU and explore it. 

What Can You Offer Others?

You have to build some experience and “evidence” as Ward would say, if you want people to believe you are an expert in your craft. Find what you are good at and see who you can help—for free. Start Giving without worrying about what you’re getting in return. “So that’s the biggest thing to realize when you’re networking with people especially as you want to get more high-profile contacts, it’s what’s in it for them.”

Coming from a place of service is key. It’s not you, it’s about them. 

Just Go For It

Tom is a perfect example that sometimes you have to just go with the flow and see what life has in store for you. His path may have been unexpected, but its lead to who he is now. “You got to figure out what your thing is and just do it, just go after it.” Embrace the unexpected.

Make what’s making up your life count. You deserve to find the path that makes you feel satisfied and lines up with your ideas of success. Discover what’s unique about you, what you love to do, and what you can do for others. Take risks and take the unexpected path, you never know where it might lead. 

You can read the full interview and get more of Tom’s advice here.