We now live in a world where we are overloaded with choices. We have almost everything we want available to us, often at the click of a button. 

Although this has unlocked many doors and opportunities for those who leverage the power of this as they undergo their entrepreneurial paths, it can also be highly taxing on our emotional and mental wellbeing being in an over-stimulated and hyper-connected world.

Thomas Despin, founder of Reconnect eco-resort and sustainable island developer on Buka Buka Island, Indonesia, shares how entrepreneurs can create more meaning, impact, and authenticity in their lives. 

Following the path to purpose

As entrepreneurs, our path to purpose, income, and impact is never linear. We all go through unique experiences while learning the lessons that contribute to our success to come. We try our hand in different businesses, learn new skills, make new connections, and learn how to earn money through our laptops and smartphones. 

This was the case for Thomas, a 29 year old French entrepreneur who moved to Indonesia in 2015 and fell in love with the country, the people, and the culture.

Thomas started his first business at 18 years old as a copywriter, followed by a second business, a small event organisation company in Bordeaux, France, focusing on students parties.

He then bought a bicycle and a tent and began pedalling his way around the world by himself, meeting startup CEO’s across more than 20 different countries, where he learned from them and shared their stories with others. 14 months and 12,000km of cycling later, Thomas went to Canada, and then to Bali, Indonesia, with no serious plan.

“After having all of my money stolen in Indonesia, I decided to pick up new skills, which led me to creating my first 6-figure e-commerce business with my friend, from my laptop.”

Now Thomas has followed his greater path to purpose, as founder of Reconnect Eco-resort on Buka Buka Island, Indonesia, where guests are invited to enjoy untouched tranquility, live, work, and work alongside the locals to nurture, maintain and improve the island in the most sustainable way possible. Reconnect also offers the option for entrepreneurs to live or work on the island on a short or long-term basis. 

Offsetting our impact on the environment and carbon footprint

For those who choose to travel to remote islands to live and work,  it is one thing to enjoy its untouched tranquility, but it is another to live consciously and work with the locals to nurture, maintain and improve the island in the most sustainable way possible.

Thomas works to empower local communities and offset the impact on the environment, all while offering a unique experience to his guests at Reconnect eco-resort. He suggests entrepreneurs do the same wherever they travel, to preserve our planet and keep it in its most natural state. 

One way Thomas does this at Reconnect Island is through using the sun to power the whole place, desalinating water, and organic farming using permaculture principles. He also works to protect the endangered pristine reef, replant forests, protect unique endemic species, all while offering a one-of-a-kind living experience for Reconnect’s visitors and residents.

The way Thomas has set up the eco-resort on the island has attracted many entrepreneurs, who live and work remotely on the island on a short or long-term basis, as well as investors, who wish to purchase villa investment properties on the island.

Escaping the noise and chaos of the world 

There are many beautiful and remote islands that grace our planet earth, and Buka Buka Island in Indonesia is one of these islands. It is unique in its own way and it isn’t just a slice of paradise, it’s a place where you live life to a different rhythm.

Relocating to a remote island can be beneficial for many entrepreneurs as they take themselves far away from distractions, pollution and the hectic day-to-day life. They are finally able to relax and take a breath, because the island life has its own pace. There is no rush to do anything and everything happens in its own time.

Thomas stumbled across Buka Buka Island by chance. He had been based in Bali for three years by that point, and although his plan was to continue his travels, he changed plans once he visited the island on multiple occasions.

“My idea for Reconnect is a place where people can reconnect with nature, with themselves and their fellow guests. Getting the resort to this point has been an incredible adventure. It is exciting to have others join me to continue its development.”

Thomas is creating a wave of impact in his endeavours, so much that high ranking government officials in Indonesia visit him on a regular basis.

He has also been invited to speak alongside the Head of Government Tourism Office and the Head of Tourism Promotion of Central Sulawesi in front of 40 officials. During this event he will speak about promoting and improving tourism in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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