Companionship is a basic human need. Everyone wants to be someone special to another person. Married couples even live longer. Sometimes, you spend years with that person and you’re still not quite sure. And then there are the times when you just know it. Your meet them and your life is instantly better.

Instant Connections

Sometimes, you’ve known that person for a long time. However, maybe you lost touch. Other times, you meet someone for the first time ever. You instantly know this person and realize you’re connected. It’s in everything you feel. You look at this person and it’s as if there’s bond of warm electricity between the two of you.

The Conversation Doesn’t Stop

Conversation is the stuff of dates and time together. There are times you’ll sit there and your speech trails off awkwardly. This is not one of them. You start to speak and you can’t stop. There’s no hesitation. It all pours out of you. The person is not only clearly someone you like. They’re also a really great listener. They hear what you have to say. You’re interested in what they have to say.

Alone Time is Okay

People who are blissfully in love allow each other enough space. They let the other person pursue their own personal interests without feeling left out. They recognize that everyone needs some time to themselves now and then. They’re fine when the other person goes off with a group of long-standing out friends without them.

You Like the Same Things

Another sign this is the one is the realization you like the same things. You tell this person about your love of science fiction. They immediately launch into a discussion of the same subject. You’re both chattering away happily. You realize they have the same tastes. They want to try that new restaurant, visit that beach resort and spend time taking great photographs as much as you do.

Thinking Long Term

When people meet their soulmate, they start to think about the relationship in long term. You start to think about the kind of gemstone engagement rings you’re going to buy. You see yourselves growing older and having children together. You’ll start envisioning exactly how you’re going to decorate your home by the beach or that pied-à-terrein the heart of New York City. You realize this is the relationship you’ve always wanted and it’s here to stay.

No Looking At Anyone Else

Jealousy is one of the oldest of all human emotions. People who feel jealous may be worried that their partner will no longer want to be with them. Or, they may be subconsciously looking around and thinking about another possible partnership with someone else. That’s not what happens when you meet your soulmate. You are confident this is the one. You’re also confident this person really likes you and want to remain with you for the rest of your lives. You’re thinking about this person and this person only even when you’re not with them.

Differences Don’t Matter

No two people are alike. Everyone has minor disagreements. When it’s real love, it’s okay to have the occasional disagreement. Couples can argue about minor points without hurting each other’s feelings. Couples who are intended to be soulmates know how to have argument and not hurt each other. They’re considerate. They recognize that the other person has a valid point of view. You honor the person’s thought process and recognize that they came to it after much reflection. Communication and respect are always part of your interaction together.

That special feeling you get when you someone and fall in love are often evident from the first date. Sometimes they grow over time. The realization that you’ve met your true soulmate is a wonderful feeling that only makes life better and better.