She was the snowbird bartender with a bright smile. A presence of  laughter and grace.  Warm eyes of recognition at your favorite summer place. 

Childlike wonder. Nomadic enchanting vibration.  Wanderlust tattoo.  Until; too many voices convinced  her life not a vacation. You have to plant roots too.   

East coast to West coast she packed up the Jeep one last time. Hoping a year round position wouldn’t taint her shine.  Never did she imaged an accident would be so grand.  That it would lead her to bury her head in the sand.  

Back to the  East Coast to recuperate with her best friend and cats. The world no longer a fascination. It was a horror movie from the window where she sat. 

The diagnosis of PTSD with agoraphobia shook her to the core.  She had to buck up.  Fight shame of her inner shores.

She practiced the mantras. 

You are okYou are strong.   

A year evaporates.  Her best friend needed to move on.

The cats will leave her side. She had to confront the shift.   Do more than just survive. Give her confidence a lift.

Her sister who was inhabiting France introduced her to Ester and Jerry Hicks.  Ester and Jerry Hicks introduced her to Abraham.  Will Smith joined Instagram. 

The Law of attraction is tickling her. Her wings wanted to take flight.

 Go to the arms who will hold you. The hug you wished for will be a delight.

Insta Will Smith gave her chuckles.  Ester, Jerry and Abraham helped with insight.

Hello… law of attraction. Morning mediation . 

There is no sabretooth.  The key to reality is in your hands.   

She ran to her sister.  Giving CPR to her former self the plan.

 Constant survival mode was not the way to be.  Not comprehending looking forward is the only vision she should see.    

Her mind did its duty chanting; “You are the strong one.  You are the adventurous one.  You can do this.”   After each fear’s kiss. 

Still her stomach would tighten. She still made a make a fist. Ignoring the emotions, only seeing what is.  Caught in the resist.

France, Spain, Italy was a glorious escape. But, struggle was still branded on her cape.  She sought out Airbnb experiences to assign herself a task. Cringing at each human encounter the same question was always asked.   

“Where are you from?”  “What do you do?” “Why are you here?”

Her story always the same.  A rehashing of the trauma with a smile to cover the shame.

Scared and slightly lonely she let the money run out. She flew home that no longer stood. 

“Change the story”- Joe Dispenza

The Law of attraction was telling her. You ain’t no little red riding hood.  

Her found her passion. Imagination through words that like to sing.  Her voyage has shown her the past is the past. Those “Follow your bliss bells” are starting to ring.

She sits now in an airport. Cutting the last twine of past. Feeling in absolute conviction that her dreams are entering this reality.  And oh boy!  There are coming fast.

Modify the worry.  Understand the fear. You are the creator of your own reality.  You were meant here.

As I look around this airport the opening scene from ‘Love Actually’ on my mind does play.  I gulp down my glass of Sav blanc. San Diego I am on my way.  Living each day, one at a time.

I don’t know what is going to happen.  It doesn’t matter at this moment anyway.    

“Everything is always working out for me”- Abraham Hicks.

“Only I can create my own happiness” – Will Smith.

I am living life of fun, love, kindness and love each new day.

Stay tuned…