Personalities extending help to those who need them is nothing new–especially these days. We’ve all heard about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Teremana merch that helps support bartenders and restaurant workers who’ve lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The same goes for Usher, Rachel Ray, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Dicaprio, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and a whole host of other Hollywood A-listers who are shelling money from their own pockets to help alleviate food insecurity in various places around the country and the world. 

But did you know that even before the pandemic, there is one social media superstar who has, time and again, helped provide for those in need? Meet Sarah Bowmar, the CEO of Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein. She is a certified nutrition specialist, fitness expert, and author of the Amazon bestselling title “Zero to a Million Without Showing Your Butthole”.

She is also a silent altruist, meaning, she likes to help others without making a fuss out of it.  And unlike most celebrities, she tends to focus on overlooked areas where help is needed. Below is a list of three instances that show this:

  1. Socks for battered women: A couple of years ago, Sarah and husband Josh Bowmar donated several hundred pairs of socks to a battered women’s shelter. They did this just as winter was approaching, knowing full well how this simple item can go a long way in places like this where people don’t have a lot except for the clothes on their backs.
  2. Sponsoring a K-9 to fight against child sex offenders: Did you know that there are organizations like Operation Underground Railroad who exist to rescue children from sex trafficking sexual exploitation? Sarah, through Bowmar Nutrition, has been sponsoring K-9s of the organization to help detect and catch criminals that prey on children.
  3. Meals and other necessities for indigents in Africa: Sarah and Josh have personally been flying to Mozambique and South Africa to provide meals for locals in impoverished areas. In addition to this, they also distribute books, hygiene kits, school supplies and other necessities in the hopes of bringing some hope and joy to these people.

When asked about her reason for all these efforts, Sarah says, “Doing good makes me feel good. And that is supported by science. I give back because seeing the smiles on people’s faces after you’ve handed them a meal or even a pair of socks makes me feel good. Going to bed at night knowing that I may have provided someone a bit of hope so that they can continue fighting makes me feel good. So yeah, in a way, it’s kind of like self-care.”

To know more about Sarah Bowmar, you may visit her blog or give her a follow on Instagram @sarah_bowmar.