Cats have always been associated with divinity, grace, and comportment. So much so that in ancient Egypt, they were given an elaborate burial and it was illegal to harm them. 

We humans have had a long and meaningful connection with cats over thousands of years. They fascinate us as tigers, lions, jaguars, and other wild felines. And the great cats’ smaller relatives offer us comfort and practical lessons within our homes.

But cats don’t just impact our personal lives. One study explored the idea that persons who were exposed to a cat parasite have a high tendency to be more entrepreneurial and start their own businesses. Businesses actually use cat pictures to get more people to open their emails. Entrepreneurs can also learn important leadership lessons from them.

We can learn a great deal from cats in our own lives. Let’s break down what these lessons are and how to apply them. 

Be your own cat

Cats are social creatures and they love the company of humans. If you’ve tried working at home while with your cat, you’ve likely experienced your cat sitting on your lap or getting in the way of your laptop. 

But you also know that cats are self-possessed and independent too. They can do with their own company and take the time to be on their own. 

While this isn’t an endorsement to not socialize, it’s important to realize that being independent and having self-reliance are essential life skills. When you have self-confidence, you’ll look for solutions to problems instead of being overwhelmed. This will lead to greater confidence and positivity overall.


Ever seen a cat play? While cats have comportment, seriousness, and grace, they certainly aren’t reluctant to play. Let’s look at a few specific ways you can learn to play from cats:

Stretch: I think that part of the reason why cats are happy and energetic creatures is that they take the time to stretch. Try activities like Pilates and Yoga as they are low-impact and easy for anyone to get into. Stretching helps release endorphins into the body and these activities also build strength. 

Do something you enjoy: Cats don’t force themselves to stretch, jump, or play. They do things that they enjoy and play with toys or turn ordinary objects into playthings. You can take a leaf from their book and try to move in ways that you like to move. Dancing, walking, or hula-hooping are all excellent ways to move your body. It’s very important to make the way you move fun and enjoyable.

It’s important to take the time to play as it reduces stress and ultimately leads to greater productivity.


When cats hunt, and even when they play, they are singleminded and not distracted at all. It’s important to channel this aspect of cats into the way you work or do anything. 

Building the ability to focus is challenging for a lot of people, but you can use a number of techniques to help you make it possible.

  • Set aside your phone and commit to blocking social media during work
  • Use time-blocking techniques to plan your day and your week. Set aside time for specific jobs and give each task your full focus, so that when you do have free time, you can really relax
  • The Pomodoro technique is another way to harness your focus by creating chunks of time. Here, you can set a timer for 25 minutes where you work without interruption. This is followed by a ten-minute break, and then you start the cycle again.

By being more present and focusing, you’ll do a better job and will find greater satisfaction too.

Be inspired by cats to live a satisfying life

Cats can offer clues to better living in virtually every field, whether you’re trying to live better personally or if you want to grow as a leader. 

In this post, we’ve looked at how cats’ characteristics can help you live well. Being present, focused, playing, and honoring yourself are ways of the cat. So, be sure to follow their example and you’ll find yourself content as only a cat can be.