Oftentimes, when people mention divorce, a negative connotation is associated with it. Regret, experiencing judgement from others, and/or breaking up the family are things that people often consider when the topic of divorce arises. However, there’s a bright side of divorce that many are not aware of. In my experience as top rated NJ divorce lawyer, working in Bergen County, and Monmouth County, New Jersey, these three positive consequences of divorce that I have witnessed below: 

It Can Be A Smooth Process

As long as you and your spouse communicate clearly and effectively before divorce proceedings, it does not have to be a stressful process. Set your expectations, let each other know what you are comfortable walking away with, and develop a plan. If children are involved, create a strategy that ensures they will be well taken care of also. Many believe that divorces end in turmoil, but this is not always the case. Additionally, a highly skilled, resourceful, and empathetic divorce and family lawyer will be of tremendous help in this area. 

More Time To Yourself

Being married can be very time-consuming, and many individuals “lose” themselves in marriage. This is because they devote a majority of their time maintaining the household and taking care of children, while working full-time careers. When your divorce is finalized, you will experience all the extra time you will have to yourself. Take advantage of this by enrolling in a yoga class, reading more books, or finding new hobbies that suit your lifestyle. Or, you can even be still in this moment, meditate more, and get in tune with your true self. Even if you have children, you will notice that you have more time since you now split weekends with your former spouse. 

Could Make You A Better Parent

Lastly, and contrary to popular belief, your parenting skills can potentially improve as a result of your divorce. Just because the other parent is not living in the same household, it doesn’t mean your child will not be taken care of properly. Custody rules have either granted you partial custody or weekend visitations. Because of custody rules, you now have the opportunity to parent without input from the other spouse living in the same household.  Use that to your advantage by creating a space for your child(ren) to look forward to. Take them places they have never visited before, have genuine, one-on-one talks with them, and constantly build new memories together. 

All in all, divorces do not have to be dreadful. There can be light at the end of the tunnel and after your divorce is finalized (or even during the process), you can have something to look forward to. 


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