Let’s face it, 2020 was a year that we don’t want to relive ever again. Although we have entered a new year, we still face the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Zoom meetings. It’s time to completely immerse ourselves within 2021 as entrepreneurs, so that we may start fresh and reach our goals of productivity and prosperity. 

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, 2020 was spent re-evaluating their businesses to adapt to the current and future challenges of owning a business. From managing a team and working remotely to changing their business model, owners had to find fresh ways to be productive without burning out. If 2020 was the year to pivot in order to survive, 2021 is the year to master how to be more productive and reap prosperous results.

Full-time entrepreneur, award-winning instructional designer, and CEO of The Momentum Agency, Tai Goodwin, created and implemented a variety of productive habits that helped her business thrive – even during uncertain times. She’s dedicated to sharing her productivity tips with other entrepreneurs and small-business owners ready to make this their best year yet.

If you are ready to speed up your sales and by embracing a more productive mindset in 2021, follow these tips:

Ask For Help

The first step in establishing a productive mindset for your business is to remember that it is OK to ask for help.“As entrepreneurs, we are constantly creating new ideas and ways to support society, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from those that have either more experience or knowledge than you,” said Goodwin. By asking for help, you’ll gain new perspectives from others and increase your professional network.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Once you’ve sought out help for your business, evaluate various prospects and goals to see if they align with your vision. “It is important to say no to prospects that are not aligned with my values,” said Goodwin. Saying no should not be seen as a negative decision, but instead as an opportunity to make sure that your decisions are helping you move toward your entrepreneurial goals. 

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Last but definitely not least: delegate, delegate, delegate. As an entrepreneur or small-business owner, realizing that you do not have to complete every task or decision by yourself is critical. “Building a team or hiring experts you can delegate to gives you the ability to scale your business faster without working harder,” said Goodwin. Otherwise, you’re likely to feel trapped working for your business, rather than experience the freedom of having a business that works for you.

These productivity tips will benefit any small-business owner or entrepreneur looking for more impact and income in 2021. For more information on ways to make your business productive and prosperous, visit Tai’s website at https://www.profitmomentum.com/.