Distractions in the workplace are rampant. Whether in the office or working remotely, there is always something to pull our attention away from our projects. From spam emails to the temptations of social media, 40% of office workers never get more than 30 minutes of straight focus time (Forbes, 2019). This is why we must take matters into our own hands and become intentional about minimizing distractions in our workplace. Here are three tips for reducing those interruptions and creating a more focused workday. 

The Sticky-Note Trick

If you have one primary task you’re working on, write that project down on a sticky note and place it on your computer monitor or phone. The note will serve as a constant reminder for you to devote your focus to accomplishing your assigned task. Additionally, when you are distracted, you will have the visual reminder of a bright sticky note calling you back to your original job!

Block Out Distractions, Literally

A strong foundation of self-discipline is necessary to entirely avoid checking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during your work hours. If you struggle with this, you may benefit from using a site blocker like Leechblock. These practical applications will ensure that you are unable to view social media or other distracting websites during your dedicated work time. 

Control Your Phone

Our phone is a significant source of distraction in the workplace. Create boundaries between you and your phone by turning off unnecessary notifications, muting your phone, or even putting it on airplane mode. Start getting in the practice of turning your phone over during business meetings or high concentration times. This will ensure that distracting pop-ups will not break your focus. If you have a work phone, create a strong delineation between your personal and work phone. Make an effort to conduct all official business with your work phone, even with peers and team members. With these tips, you can decrease your smartphone usage and distractions at work. 

Distractions will be present in any workplace and will take on a variety of forms. We must be intentional in decreasing these interruptions and refocusing on our work. Use these essential tips to regain control of your time and increase your productivity. 


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