I have boundless respect for moms and their selflessness—it’s almost instinctual for them to be putting their families ahead of themselves. Unfortunately, this tends to come at the expense of their own welfare, dreams, and aspirations. And when they do decide to put their own interests first, moms are plagued with endless guilt.

It’s a tough job. But being a mom shouldn’t mean putting your own life on hold. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing business coach and Mommy Millionaire Cayla Craft, whose personal mission is to help moms discover their potential, and create prosperity in every aspect of their lives.

“Balancing personal ambitions and motherhood is tough for many modern-day moms,” Cayla once shared. “They aren’t only expected to be caretakers of their children. They also have to deal with the stereotypes and pressure that women face on a daily basis.”

A former ER nurse, Cayla has found success in her coaching career and has also made a name for herself as a self-made millionaire and bestselling author. This coming October 14th, she is opening her doors to moms all over the country as she shares the learnings from her journey to success through a three-day workshop that she is offering for free.

“The pandemic hasn’t been kind to moms, and they are taking on more work than before,” said Cayla. “I would like to take this opportunity to lend moms a helping hand and work through the difficulties they face at this time, and gradually, into the best version of themselves.”

The Mommy Millionaire workshop aims to help audiences achieve a “wealth reset” that will help them achieve prosperity and abundance in their lives. Throughout the workshop, she will also cover how moms can identify, remove, and replace “prosperity scarcity”— that is, a major barrier that keeps women from enjoying abundance. She will also share how women can create “divine abundance” to help them achieve what they want, will their loved ones’ full support.

Cayla promises a fulfilling three days for all participants. “Follow along and I’ll give you the confidence to succeed and the plan to get you where you want to go,” she says.

Sign up for the FREE 3-Day Mommy Millionare challenge at https://mommyandmechallenge.pages.ontraport.net/!

Curious to learn how you can be a Mommy Millionaire? Visit Cayla Craft’s website at www.mommymillionaire.co.