One of the most difficult things to do these days is to remain optimistic. The apocalyptic scenario that the media – both social and electronic – continues to paint about the post-coronavirus world makes it almost impossible for one to see a silver lining in today’s doom and gloom situation.

However, as anyone who has ever dealt with grief might advise you, remaining optimistic that tomorrow will be better than today is necessary to withstand and weather dark times. Here are () tips and tricks using which you can do just that:

#1: Limit your news intake

Hearing the news after every half hour is like washing your hands with a hand sanitizer dispenser every few minutes. There’s simply no need to do that. You already know more than enough about the virus and the precautions you need to take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Consequently, instead of listening to dire warnings round the clock, choose a single (and reliable) news source. Make a mental note of how much time you’re going to spend with it each day. Then stick to your plan to ensure your sanity.

#2: Talk to someone who is more optimistic than you

All of us have that someone in our family whose glass is always half full. These are people whose worldview might not be shaped by a pandemic, but who know that at the end of the storm, there’s more often than not a golden sky.

Talk to those people. Ask them about what they felt when they were passing through a difficult situation. Learn about the mindset they adopted that helped them get through time times while retaining their sanity. Their experience will give you a hint or two of how to remain optimistic during the difficult times all of us are facing these days.

#3: Start keeping a gratitude journal

Able to earn your living while working from home? Got a new Purell hand sanitizer dispenser? Have a caring family around you? Managed to accomplish something which you are proud of? Write down everything you’re grateful for in that journal.

Provided you do that, you’d notice that you’re diluting that negativity that surrounds all of us these days. You’ll also be reminding yourself that not everything that is happening to you – or around you – is not depressing or apocalyptic.