Six Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Mind

All of us face tough times in our lives when nothing seems to be going our way. How we respond to them differentiates us. While some of us see the proverbial glass as always half full, others tend to view it upside down and therefore continue to dwell on their stress.

Apart from wrecking our physical and mental health, staying worried in troubling times such as today’s can affect the quality of our life. It might force us to look away from the silver lining by fixating our attention on the dark, hovering clouds.

With this in mind, let’s look at these three tips and tricks to stay happy and positive in tough times:

1: Spend time with optimistic persons

All of us have read innumerable articles on how our environment shapes on who we become. Only a few of us understand the gravity of this statement. If you continue to be around negative people all the time – whether physically or virtually – they will project their negative energies onto you.

Conversely, if you’re always around people who don’t have an apocalyptic viewpoint about everything, it will feel like someone has used disinfection services on your mind and all your negative thoughts and worries have evaporated into thin air.

2. Cut down on social media time

In contrast to what the social media companies want you to believe in, their platforms can be quite troubled in the toxic of times. You can’t have a full control over what you see on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall as their algorithm display all sort of things that you didn’t subscribe to see when you made an account on that platform.

As a result, try as you might, your social media feed can fill your life with more anxiety and not less. That’s why a large number of people have quit Twitter once they became aware the toll its 24*7 running feed was taking from their mental health. That’s why even if you like saying ads i.e. ‘disinfection services near me’, it’s time you log out of your social media account.

3. Keep yourself busy

In today’s world when we have a lot to worry about, letting our mind loose can allow it to stress us out by running over and over the same topic. Researchers therefore suggest that we should distract ourselves when we found ourselves ruminating on a recently stressful event.