Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are self-isolating around the globe. The voluntary decision to cut themselves from the outside world and stay safe at home hasn’t been easy to take as it has forced us to restructure our lives in a manner that we never imagined.

However, since it is for our safety that we stay within the four walls of our home, we have to devise ways using which we can prevent our self-isolation from turning into self-sabotaging. We need to get a grip on the negative thoughts that flood our minds if we’re to stay sane through this.

For this reason, I’ve been following the following three tips to stay busy while self-isolating at home. Apart from helping me get rid of apocalyptic thoughts, these tips enable me to steer myself away from the news, technology, and the media. Here’s hoping they do the same for you:

#1: Rearrange your room’s closet

There’s an excellent chance that you’d never have as much free time at your disposal as you have now. The best way to utilize all this time is to clear out – and rearrange – your room’s closet. Start with the bottom drawer and continue to move up.

Remove anything you feel has outlived its utility. Take out all those clothes which may have become too tight – or baggy – for your body. Once you have done all that, you can utilize the newfound cupboard space to store essential items like a foam hand sanitizer dispenser. Or you could just marvel at the space you’ve created to store future shopping.

#2: Do a jigsaw puzzle

If you’re feeling that everything that is happening around the world is taking a toll on your mental health, distract your mind from negative events by tacking a jigsaw puzzle. Make sure its difficulty level is such that you’ve to be fully focused to solve it.

Provided you don’t have a puzzle at home, you can try your hand at any other board games that you forgot after you placed them in your drawer many months ago. Any mental exercise that would take your mind away from the events outside will do.

#3: Fix stuff

Your car door that makes weird noises as you open/close it? Oil it. That hand sanitizer advertising kiosk that lays broken in your garage? Repair it. In case you haven’t already noticed, you have all the time in the world to do all those indoor chores that you’ve been putting off for months.