A great leader has the ambition, discipline, and vision to encourage their team. Furthermore, they harness the ability to inspire and get the absolute best out of others.  We’ve all heard what it takes to be a good leader. Things such as honesty, communication, and creativity quickly come to mind. However, leadership roles are unique to each individual and their company. Everyone is different, so there is never a set path to success.

Here are three unique tips on how to become a great leader.

Take Your Work Personally
We’ve all been told not to take it personally. This sounds like good advice because it’s supposed to protect us in work situations that are threatening or a challenge. However, does depersonalizing our careers end up leaving us less energized and inspired?

Take into consideration the people you’ve encountered that motivated you. The successful individuals who are always working, usually positive, and very dedicated. Those individuals probably take their work very personally!

We spend most of our daily lives at work, so it should feel a little personal. Do not mistake managing boundaries for taking things personally because there is a distinct difference between the two mindsets. Work should never be the dominant part of your identity. Aim to
have a passion for your job but never confuse it with your self-worth or let it affect your self-esteem.

Be Deliberate
Being deliberate is difficult for most people. Although it sounds like simply slowing down, it’s actually something that needs to be practiced over time. To be deliberate you have to break down your expertise into smaller practices and then work on improving those smaller, specific areas. The goal is to reach your full potential and it’s a process that can take a long time. In the end it’s a valuable skill to have. When you act deliberately you can do things that you couldn’t before and it opens up more possibilities and opportunities than you could ever imagine.

Tell the Truth
It’s a sad reality, but in today’s corporate industry there is a real lack of truth telling. Most people are afraid of the consequences, however everyone has a right to know what’s going on. There is a way to speak honestly while remaining diplomatic. It’s difficult for leaders in particular, at times, because everyone wants to be well liked and agreed with. However, to create and maintain a healthy work environment there needs to be a certain level of transparency. Employees should know what is expected of them and telling the truth is an effective way to promote a successful organization.

This blog was originally published on Hiley’s website.