There is a way to optimal wellness around the holidays and beyond, which includes 3 steps. Firstly, stocking up on the right vitamins from Tropical Oasis – leading seller of liquid vitamins on Amazon – for the Twindemic (Flu and COVID), followed by signing up for an exercise routine with Body FX that offers online mood-boosting workouts and at-home movement breaks to keep you energized during these trying times. 

Lastly-as we all know FAD diets don’t work and consistency is the best way to lose the weight and keep it off – get tracking your calories and nutrition with one of the original and top-rated tracking app’s, MyNetDiary.  If you start monitoring your eating and calorie-intake now, you will be able to ignore all the calls to start cleanses and intense workout plans to “repent” for holiday indulgences! Seeing the Calorie Burn Time of foods empowers users to make informed decisions about food choices.

  • Top-rated app, MyNetDiary  has over 11.5 minion global users. Some of the newest features for fall include: ●keto-, low-carb-focused, low-fat, Vegetarian, Vegan and Mediterranean diets and functionality, along with hundreds of newly-debuted quick, easy Premium Recipes from their in-house team of Registered Dietitians. 
  • Tropical Oasis produces high-quality, fast-absorbing liquid vitamins – so you can get your daily vitamins through liquid instead of pills – to support overall health and wellbeing. In just four years, the company has become the leading seller of liquid vitamins on Amazon. Tropical Oasis can help you boost your immune system during the Twindemic (Flu and COVID)
  • Body FX is a dynamic fitness experience, offering online workouts through a digital platform and mobile app. Some highlights for fall include Mood-Boosting Workout For The Rainy, Cold Months Ahead and Streamline Productivity with Brief At Home Movement Breaks (6-min body workout)


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