Learning how to get acclimated to being single again after you and your spouse were together for just a few years or many years, can be challenging. You shared a lot together, have endured difficult times, and you anticipated spending the rest of your life with your spouse. Now that the marriage is dissolved, you have no other choice but to get accustomed to being single again. In my experience as a top-rated divorce lawyer and family law attorney based in Bergen County, New Jersey, here a three things I have watched people do to adjust after a divorce: 

Get Support From Family and Friends

Allow your friends and family to support you during this time. After the divorce (or maybe during the divorce), you might have to live with them until you get things sorted out. Accept their help during this time and do not isolate yourself. Going through a divorce is heartbreaking for some, but remember, you should not have to go through this alone. Surround yourself with people who understand you and that are emotionally available to listen to you while you vent, be a shoulder to lean on, and will help you get through this. 

Reclaim Your Resiliency

REmember that difficult times do not always last. Eventually, there will be light at the end of the tunnel and you will be at peace with your divorce. As previously mentioned, when couples get married, they expect their marriage to last forever. Unfortunately, yours did not withstand the test of time – and that’s OK. Go through your emotions, but do not allow them to overtake you. Discover the strength to bounce back and reclaim your peace, positivity, and productivity after your divorce. 

Remain Busy

You’ll want to keep yourself busy to avoid falling back into an overly-emotional state, but be sure not to burn yourself out. Do some volunteer work at your children’s school (if applicable), at a local non-profit, or find ways to help around your community. These acts of selflessness help to take your mind off of your own troubles. I recommend volunteering once or twice a week doing something that resonates with your core values. The more consistent you are with this, you’re more likely to develop a positive mindset around all things in your life, including your divorce. 


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