Take a proper break from your inbox with Thrive Global’s new email vacation tool

Out-of-office replies have become something of an art form, but they often fail to serve their purpose. As the over-scheduled, hyper-connected American workforce knows all too well, putting up an automatic reply when you head off for vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve actually signed off. Cue the squinting in the sunlight on some far-flung beach as you struggle to read your colleague’s weekly business report on your iPad.

That’s why Thrive Global has launched ThriveAway—to help you actually disconnect from your inbox while you’re on vacation. The tool deletes incoming emails—removing your temptation to answer them—while letting the sender know who to contact in the office if it’s urgent, or to re-send the email when you return. Emails are out of sight, out of mind. With the comfort that anything important will be re-sent, you can truly unplug and recharge, making you more productive and engaged when you get back to the office.

Want to experience the bliss of returning from vacation with your inbox at zero? Consider giving the tool a whirl. Sign up here.

Originally published at medium.com