With the increasing dependency on technology, everything in our lives revolves around it. The primary goal of technology was to provide an increased leisure time. On the contrary, it has brought us to a stage where we feel the inability to progress throughout the day without checking our phones, every now and then.

The latest Instagram post, Facebook likes, comments and a lot more always keep us intrigued and as a result, we miss out the things happening around us. The need to respond right away to text messages has brought us to a stage where our necks are sore and we have weary eyes by the end of the day.

Lack of focus in our lives is directly linked to an increased technological interference. Constant bombardment of emails and ads from different sellers has made it difficult to pay attention to anything for long. The fast pace of our lives is directly related to technology and it is important to take a step back and think about where we are going. Not only this, every decision in life has to be well thought of and should always be made with complete attention.

People lacking focus in life tend to make poor decisions, have lower productivity, bad relationships and therefore, a low quality of life. Thus, making small changes in our lifestyles can help bring about the big change. Concentrating on one thing at a time, having more face-to-face conversations, organizing the tasks to increase productivity, seeking the opinion of people around instead of reading someone else’s on a website are a few things that can be done to lead a better life.

Time is the biggest resource and cannot be reused. Hence, it becomes essential to spend it wisely on the things that matter. Making sure that the 24 hours of your day are given to things that yield fruitful results is crucial. Undivided focus helps bring the needed stability, confidence and calmness in every decision. Not only this, it also helps in having a better self-insight.

In the age where everyone is a part of a rat race and everything is online, slowing down and finding time for things that actually matter is essential. Going forward with the world is important, but not at the cost of leaving behind the true meaning and purpose of our lives.