In the ‘real world’ they don’t really get you.

They don’t really understand.

You’ve tried to fit in.

You tried to do it the way that you thought you should.

But you knew, that if you took the leap and did it YOUR way, that things, somehow, would work out better.

You quit your job – much to the displeasure of your well-intentioned parents and friends Speaking of friends, they probably thought you’d gone quite mad.

In the ‘normal’ world, the people, the humans, the every day people walking around, aren’t even really aware that this other world exists.

The world where you CAN make money on the internet doing the thing that you do.

Sure, it’s becoming a bit more mainstream now, but the second we start throwing words around like intuition or intention or soul or universe or source… watch out for the glazing over of eyeballs. The quick flick of the finger on the screen as they do the ‘quick! I wasn’t really looking at that’ scroll past.

However, you DID step through the looking glass.

And we’re all so glad that you did.

You made the choice for a life less ordinary.

You made the choice to grow a business.

You made the choice to take a chance.

To take a risk.

To do something fucking DIFFERENT to the masses that still, to this very day, look at you somewhat confused as to why anyone would want to be an entrepreneur… other the fact that you have the choice to knock off work early on a Friday for drinks without having to ask your boss for permission

What does this have to do with anything that I do?

I’m so incredibly passionate about helping women get their content out there. I’m incredibly passionate about helping YOU to help with and work with more people

I have been for years.

You see, I was that corporate, asleep drone.

I was the person who yearned so much for a different life that it hurt.

It got to the point, for me, that I had to literally scream in the car one day on the way to my J.O.B., a screaming pleading to the Universe to “Give me a sign, give me a FUCKING SIGN that this I can do this. That I can do and be something more than this.”

And, of course, when we ask we receive, right? I gave notice the following day after a career break was rejected by my boss.

Best. Thing. That. Could. Ever. Have. Happened. To. Me.

Because NOW, I had to back myself.

Now, I had to go all in.

Now, I had to try.

Now I only had me.

Now I HAD to make money!

Now, I had to grow a business.

Now, I had to find a way to make it work.

Now, I had to do it.

My soul had screamed for this to happen.

The Universe backed me and it always comes through. Always!

You might be saying to yourself “Ok, I get it, Nicola, but what does this have to do with marketing, Nicola? “

You have a burning desire to be more, right?

I mean, you’re already MORE, but you want MORE.

You want freedom.

Yes, these are all of the normal internet marketing adjectives (or are they something else? I don’t know!! English grammar is not my strong suit!).
I k now that’s what you DO want, but want you probably want more than that is something you’ve always wanted.

You want to be out there.

You want to be doing more of the work that you’re here to do.

You want to be seen ‘out there’ because you know that this will lead to people buying from you – either courses, programs, consultancy, events, books, workshops, training, coaching, mentoring, getting to speak at their events perhaps even products…. Whatever it is for you…

You want to be famous in your industry.

Let’s talk about THAT one a bit, because this one tends to be a bit of a can of worms for some.

Just for a second, play along with me…..

What if you WERE famous in your industry?

What would that mean? What would it look like?

What if there was no judgment attached to THAT word ‘famous’. Because quite often there is.

I had to work through this one, personally. I used to think that because I wanted to be famous, I was an egotistical bitch. Self centred and narcisstic. Vain. Only in it for the fame. Blah blah blah.

0H MY GOD! Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Well. Sometimes I am self –centred, but I think anyone who is even remotely creative is self-centered at times. Again, no judgment, right?!?!?!?!?

Have you always FELT like you were here for MORE?

Have you always KNOWN that you’d be GREAT?

Like, truly GREAT.

World-renowned GREAT?

And I’ll bet, too boot, that you’re also a high achiever, because that’s what we are!

You’re driven.



Yet, sometimes, there’s that pulling in your belly where you know you could BE more.

Wanting to be famous for the sake of being famous doesn’t make much sense to me. I know some people want that, and that’s fine. Each to their own. But honestly, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

But famous because you’re known for helping people. Famous because you’re known for putting out GREAT content. Being famous for CHANGING LIVES.



Which is why you’re awesome, of course, and still with me.

Everyone is different.

But you’re especially different.

I see you. I see myself in you.

And I KNOW that you can do this.

I know that you WANT to do this. To be VISIBLE, to be able to change and impact the lives of 10’s of 1000’s of people.

I know that you want to become ICONIC – and I also know that it’s not something that you can just ‘TURN OFF’ or tune out from.

Because that is the very definition of soul-destruction.

So let’s get you centre stage this year.

Doing the thing that you need to do in order to find and then help your people.

Do it your way, baby! Just get out there.

Let’s roll,


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