One company making the independent world of music appear mainstream or at least meet the accolades of what used to be done only through a major label or entity is SS Global Entertainment.

Owner and founder of SS Global EntertainmentTiffany Gaines, has mastered a blueprint of strategies she has been teaching her roster of over 4,000 musicians, producers, managers and nearly 50 record labels for over a decade that is literally opening doors that at one point seemed impossible to the independent artist or record label.

Musicians, managers, producers or label owners can simply apply by answering some basic questions and submitting either their own music or the music of their client’s through their online portal and if approved will receive a response back with instructions on how to join.

Gaines, signs each client non-exclusively, to allow freedom of choice over one’s career which is usually against the status quo for major label terms and from there hosts an online orientation which gives details on what the client is to expect for the next year. She provides one-on-one coaching, template emails that help with visual, monthly consultationsand more to ensure each new member is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to begin a progressively and profiting musical career. Currently there is no major service fee distributor doing this on a massive scale. 

Tiffany Gaines, a University of California, Riversidegraduate, began using her studies and network of professionals to enhance her potential for growth as an entrepreneur and has since proved herself to be a successfully notable executive in the world of entertainment. She started out as a model for Baby Phat for a short while however found much more interest in the music and entertainment industrybehind the scenes, therefore diverted her attention to hosting major concerts, local celebrity events and from there started her first company, Blasia’sEntertainment in 2001. She ended up building a client roster of nearly 2000 entertainers ranging from models, DJ’s, producers and musicians and by 2006, founded SS Global Entertainment, where she merged her roster contracting more than double her initial client base and it’s been growing ever since. Some of the prominent labels contracted with the company are Amada Records, of which Gaines sits as the Chief Operating Officer for, SS Music Group, which is the main umbrella partnered with LRT Entertainment, of which Gaines sits as the CEO for and Worldwide Music Group just to name a few. All of which have helped artists reach mainstream iTunes and Billboard Music chart recognition through many of their programs and campaigns exclusively set up for their musicians and clients exclusively. 

The music and entertainment industry has a bad reputation of people scamming, hustling and stealing the true potential of what entertainers actually have to gift to the world and I’m just here to give an honest chance to those who deserve to thrive and in turn help people see the potential of actually working together rather than against one another to succeed,” 

It looks like Gaines’ efforts, hopes and dreams are truly becoming a reality… for not only herself but thousands of aspiring, gifted and talented entrepreneurs. This brings hope for the industry after all.