In Calm Waters, Take Time To Pause:)

In today’s fast growing economy it’s so easy to get lost in all the minutia of all the Political strife and division going on in our Country, so it is a Time to take Pause and be Grateful for today and where we are at.

A former Friend & Colleague of mine many years ago, when I use to complain to him about minor details in my life and I would respond with “yeah, but..yeah, but…” And when I did, he would say to me, “You know what Rick, it’s time you get your “Yeah, but’s out of the way, and get over yourself”! Shamefully & humbly, I had to gut it up and admit, he was right!

First of all, it is fitting for today, I am grateful to have the Love of my Life, whom I live with! After being separated for a year and a half after being Engaged, we reunited on June 1st 2018, and are happy to be together, to love & support one another in our daily trials and joys! Second, with on-going struggles with my Professional Photography Business especially with the infusion of Cell Phone cameras, I have decided to explore other options by joining the Association of Talent & Development in Dallas, TX. ( Not only have I joined, but also am a loyal Member & Volunteer, which too, I am grateful for! In addition, I have to joined and hope to be a regular contributor since Writing is a favorite pastime of mine, and again, I look forward to many Articles in the Future!

Since beginning a Global Mindful Meditation Group, both on Facebook and Linkedin, I am immensely grateful that ThriveGlobal has provided Mindfulness articles to search to broaden my knowledge base to further my influence, whether in Business or in my Personal Life! Quite frankly, I think all Businesses should have Mindful programs, if for, not only the Physical benefits, yet also, all the Psychological benefits to organizations as well.

So, to wrap up, when you are prone to complaining about Stress in your life, be grateful, and be the Positive Potential Change Agent the God of your understanding, has placed before you on your mantle of Life! (This is an Edited version previously Published on Nov, 22,2019).