We are all in this together, for a lot of us, time as we know it is taking different shapes and forms.  We are using it to reflect, create, help; we all trying to do our part.  Last night I cried so hard and so much that I had to sit outside in the open air and be still.  I guess all of what has been going on around us finally caught up to me and the news of someone I love dearly being in ICU fighting for his life, brought me to a screeching halt.

We will all have encounters and moments where change is necessary and unavoidable.  As I sat alone, I realized that I needed to shift my energy and thoughts and focus; think about what I am able to affect.  We are the result of our experiences; lessons that sometimes bring chaos but other times clarity.  What I do know is that before every shift comes stillness, before every change comes chaos and before every pivot comes intention.  Last night as I was thinking of my dear friend I made a decision to think positively, to honor his journey and to lift him up both in prayer and light.  I decided to adjust my own lens, to pivot and spend my time in things that matter, bring about joy and change.


Some people call it reflection; others may call it a pause.  Either way, before every shift, stillness is necessary. Why? Because it allows you to assess, to adjust, to process, to learn, to take inventory, to be more mindful, be in touch of who you are and how you can move forward.  Stillness is a connection to self as it is essential to well-being, I needed it last night.  It allowed me to lean into my values, listen attentively to my fears, muster courage in the midst of uncertainty, and focus on what is within my control.  As we all go through this social isolation, I am aware that some of us have had the luxury of pausing while others have had to continue and press on.  Regardless if it is a few minutes or an hour, stillness can bring peace and clarity to the mind. It helped me and I know it can help you too.


Everything starts with a need.  Right now the need is for things to get better, for some sense of normalcy, the desire to serve, to do great work, to be a loving parent, to be a supportive friend, and to be a good human being.  Maybe it’s me but, I believe that being intentional is a constant pursuit of goodness.  We see examples of this everyday on how humanity is showing up and supporting each other.  Last night I could picture my friend alone, in his hospital bed.  I wanted to see him, hear his voice but I couldn’t.  So this morning when I woke up, I decided that my intentions of priming my day, my mindset, and my actions would focus on being mentally strong by praying for my dear friends health and recovery.  Also, to appreciate the people and beauty around me and, by doing what I can to show up for others.  In the words of Helen Keller, “Keep your face to sun and you will never see the shadows.”  Choose to state your intentions out loud, consistently and into the universe.

Shifting your lens

You can pivot with power!  This is where we embrace an open/growth mindset and we say yes to the changes we want to make.  It is precisely here where our agility will be tested and that is quite OK. Choice is a gift, so choose to move forward and make that change for yourself and adjust your lens.  Start where you are at today, you have the power to do it now.  One thought at time, one action, one step at a time; you get to decide what that change looks like for you.  Remember, choice is a gift so use it and pivot with intention.  I choose to spend my energy by shifting my lens, sending positive thoughts to my dear friend, choosing to be of service to others, showing up in life and sharing what I can.  I choose to believe that he will power through just like we will all power through this and will be better because of it. 

If time is on your favor, create space for stillness, allow your intentions to shine, be courageous and choose to take those small steps to pivot with power. It will bring a sense of good, peace and well-being that we are all looking for.