Unheard Unseen unnoticed to your neighbour

Pain you go through every day every night every hour

Cheerful, Delightful and full of life is what you appear

Hard to distinguish the smile which disappear

On a Friday evening @ 4 PM, nicely dressed in a Black T-shirt and faded jeans, I was sipping Strong Tea when my friend suddenly asked about bruises on my hand. I just smiled and replied “Fell down while taking stair case” He gave me a perplexed look and said” I am sure this is not because of falling down from a stair case”. Memories with mixed feelings anger, sad, confusion haunt me today.Why did I let it go? Why didn’t I voice out?Was it due to my strong belief in Marriage?Questions are still unanswered but experience says it is okay not to be okay sometimes. It is okay not to smile and bring out the tears hidden in my eyes.Had there been an Edit button in my lifeWould have exposed the Male Chauvinism which was rife Today I am penning down my own thoughts for a reason to create awareness amongst other women who are still the victims of Domestic Violence…Women out thereIt is okay to get noticed, get heardDo not shy away from saying “You are not okay”Your self-respect is at stake

If you allow your man to behave like a notorious rake

Send a strong message to all the Losers out there Hitting a Woman in a closed room is not Manhood This reminds me of an incident which I read years back. Husband and Wife are renowned doctors in a reputed hospital, making good money. However, the wife faced domestic violence at home for Dowry in spite of being a doctor and earning at par with her Husband.
Question still unanswered…
Why did she let it go? Why didn’t she voice out?Was it due to her strong belief in Marriage?
I am still pondering over these thoughts…I moved on…With an objective to increase the awareness …  I am sharing my experiences Man can be superior to Woman physically but it can take a minute, hour utmost a day for a woman to realize it is not working. That moment if it comes, no force on the earth can stop a woman to take the decision.Woman deserves respect, care, concern and Compassion.I think it is time for any Woman to strongly confront in such incidents. Woman is not an object to be treated mercilessly, house becomes home only with an entry of Woman.Dedicated to all the Women..