Discipline Is Just Another Word for Self-love

Here’s the one thing about time, it goes by.

Captain Obvious checking in over here.

Here’s the thing that might not be quite as obvious; time will go by anyway.

Still pretty obvious?


Then why are you choosing to stay in your rut/pain/overwhelm/anxiety {insert current struggle} day after day, week after week, month after month, even year after painful year?

Look back 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years- you kept saying to yourself things like:

“I’ll start going to the gym tomorrow.”

“I will address why I’m stuck in anxiety after the holiday(s).”

“I will start eating better after this weekend.”

“This time when I get a girlfriend I won’t act the same way I always do in relationships.”

Did that last one sting a little bit?

Because maybe you’re single again because after saying that, you went ahead and acted like the same old insecure, invulnerable, closed off asshat you always do.

Or you’re in a relationship but you’re barely hanging on because of the above mentioned behaviors.

So here’s the skinny on time; it goes by (anyway) and you are always choosing one of two things.

You either choose to delay, push-off, avoid or disregard addressing what you know needs addressing or you choose to put in a little effort every day and actually slay those dragons and raise your vibration.

One of my favorite quotes because it’s slathered in truth is:

“3 months from now you will thank yourself.”

Maybe you’re in great shape but your intimacy is crap. You go to the gym 3, 4, 5, 6 days a week without question.

You can look in the mirror and literally see what consistency and discipline can accomplish but you choose not to apply the same principles in other areas of your life.

I was guilty of this in my business. A few years ago I was (still am) in great shape but the marketing side of my business was getting neglected and I was paying the price.

Neglect is creating momentum in the wrong direction.

Discipline is creating momentum in the right direction.

When I woke up the dissonance of this situation I had to accept that it was time to take Marketing 101 and be a beginner, just like I had done with getting in great shape.

Now looking back, I’m damn glad I woke up and committed to getting just a little bit better at marketing everyday; now I’m seeing the rewards. Just like I feel the rewards of being in shape.

So the choice is yours; day 1 or one day?

You can either choose to commit to moving forward or you can continue to push it off and experience more discomfort.

Happy choosing!