Household appliances make our existence more comfortable. Each year 514 million household appliances are replaced in the USA. According to the survey of Households and Environment, the great electrical appliance that we find in our homes is the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, and air conditioning, which are found in practically all the houses.

The useful life of household appliances is, in some cases, more than ten years. Therefore, when buying new ones or if you are going to replace the old ones, it is convenient to reflect on several aspects that we list here so that you take them into account.

An appliance for every location

Choose the appliance that best suits your future location. For example, your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc.

Also the one that adapts to the type of energy available in your home (natural gas, butane gas, electricity). And that adapts to the space available in your house. A television set for the living room of a small apartment will not be the same as that of a 30 square meter living room or a summer house where we will only spend the holidays.

Energy consumption

You have to assess the energy consumption of the device over several years (the average duration that we said before). Keep in mind that some large white goods (refrigerators or freezers) are continuously running and therefore consuming energy, for years. And televisions, washing machines, electric ovens, air conditioners and so on are used intensively as well.

For all this, the information on the energy label must always be consulted (large electrical appliances must carry it).

Check and compare prices on the Internet

Look for information in appliance stores to choose the best solution, before deciding on a specific appliance. To select the correct product, you need the technical knowledge and the right idea about the market. Therefore, Homeliness – Home & Kitchen Appliances Reviews will help you to find the best product for your home. There are various products from different brands with features and prices. 

Choose the appliance that best suits your lifestyle and needs of the moment. Do not confuse big with better if the number of people who will use it does not match the size of the appliance. In this case, even if the appliance is efficient, its consumption may be higher than that of a less efficient appliance but with less capacity for our real needs.

Installation and removal of the old appliance

If you buy in a physical store or online, it requires, where appropriate, the installation of the appliance (washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning, etc.). And find out how, when and who will do it. 

And find out how they will take the old device and what they will do with it. Find a commercial establishment that offers you the removal of your old device as a service and ask them what they do with it.

Be careful with second-hand purchases

Do not buy a second-hand device unless you have guarantees of the effective age of the device. In this case, check the general condition of the device, do a functional test, and agree a guarantee of at least one month with the seller, since once in operation you may have surprises.

Be careful, what else are the appliances with some defect or blow in their transport that are no longer sold as new. 

Not everything is a pretty appliance

Before buying, pay attention to accessory aspects such as the noise of the electrical appliances, which in the case of refrigerators, washing machines or vacuum cleaners, usually generates many annoyances.

Household appliances and environment

Finally, in the case of household appliances for washing clothes (washing machines) or your dishes (dishwashers), use detergents in an environmentally friendly way. And select short wash programs at low temperatures.


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