Having a child and raising it is not an easy task, and each case is different; there is no exact guide that will give you the magic formula to raise happy children. But without a partner, there is much more at stake. As a single parent, you may have sole responsibility for all aspects of your child’s daily care. But, that the father and mother have stopped living together does not mean that they cannot have a good co parenting, everything is possible if it is done in the right way.

It’s about making the rules of life clear. If possible, keep schedules in the home of each of the parents and specific days and understand that for the well-being of the child, it is essential and necessary to talk and find middle points that are beneficial for this family nucleus. It is somewhat complicated, but over time and experience can be achieved.

There must be a good co parenting relationship since it is more than proven that the parents’ relationship greatly influences their lives and attitudes as they grow older. Remember that they are very observant and sensitive to possible tensions that exist in their parents.

That is why we leave you some tips that every single parent should take into account when creating a happy environment for their child, that even though they do not have their parents together, they have the support of both.  You can also read these tips for single moms here.

8 Important Tips For Single Moms

TIP 1: Be Clear.

Each party in the relationship should be clear about their responsibility for what happened in the relationship, heal it, and move on focusing on their child.

TIP 2: Support your child.

Try not to be absent; just now, the feeling of abandonment by any of the parties should be avoided. If this happens, their emotional security could be affected in their growth.

TIP 3: Keep your kids safe.

The children’s safety cannot be affected, and this is the parents; if there were any verbal aggression, indifference, or simple inattention on the part of the parents, this affects the children, generating pain, anxiety, and confusion about his family.

TIP 4: Allow communication with your co-parent.

Allow and never restrict the communication of your son with his father. In addition to being a selfish act, you must remember that he is not guilty of your love relationship. Respect the quality time your child needs with his father.

TIP 5: Don’t make kids choose sides.

Do not make your children choose a side. Try not to argue with your ex-partner. Children should never be involved in adult problems.  Apps such as co-parenting app DComply help make communication super easy.

TIP 6: Set limits.

It’s crucial to set limits.  You must make the rules clear, and what are your expectations regarding the child. You must demand that they be followed.

TIP 7: Be positive.

If you are having a bad time, you can be honest with your child by explaining the situation, but you must give him assurance that everything is temporary and that things will improve and everyone will be happy.

TIP 8: Be careful with decision making.

Be careful when making decisions: you must think a lot before making an important decision. Especially when it comes to your child’s future, ask the father of your child and make him participate in the decision to make. Although they are no longer together, they have a child in common, and he cares about their well-being and has every right to know if the decision to be made is good for the child.


We hope these tips to keep in mind for single moms have helped and wish you the best!