At this time of year, you sure feel like your days go by at the speed of light. That, among all the things you do, work and other commitments, surely you don’t have a minute to yourself, to relax rest and simply enjoy. And since the objects that surround us affect how we feel, I want to give you some very simple tips so that your home becomes your oasis of relaxation, leaving out stress and worries. What do you say?

All ordered

One of the keys is to maintain order. The idea is that when you get home you don’t have to think about where to leave the things that are thrown on the table, or about ordering the clothes that you left on the floor in the morning. To avoid this, opt for furniture that has space to store and use boxes or baskets to keep everything stored and in its place.

Also, try to make it a habit to keep things as soon as you occupy them, and not to accumulate those you don’t need.

Furniture? Just enough

Whether or not you have many square meters available, make sure you only have the furniture you need, and make sure you distribute it well. In this way, you will keep your house in order, allowing easy circulation and the feeling of air and space.

Lots of light and clarity

Take advantage of your windows. Let in as much light as possible, so your home looks bright and energetic. NorthShield Windows and Doors offer a wide selection of high-quality windows and doors. Among other features, our products offer the latest in security, durability, and design. We are homeowners too, that’s why we work within your style preferences to find exactly what you need and provide you with durable products that will keep your home safe. Whether you’re looking to replace a single item or update your entire space, our long-lasting and high-quality products are guaranteed to be worth the investment.

Add plants and flowers, which will make you feel closer to nature and the great outdoors.

Disconnection corner just for you

It can be a whole room or a corner. The important thing is that you have that exclusive space of yours, with things that relax you, help you disconnect, that have your stamp and style. For example, it can be a small reading area, a deck chair or hammock on the terrace, a group of cushions on the floor for meditation. The options are endless!

Soft, neutral colors

If you want your home to give you a feeling of calm, then I recommend that you opt for light colors or pastels. You can have a light base on your walls and play with some pops of color on furniture, rugs, lamps, or ornaments. Avoid saturated and very vibrant colors.