We all do it: rush, multitask, hurry at work. But is it really necessary? According to many studies, the answer is no. Multitasking is in fact, ineffective and makes you less productive.

People who have been trained in “mindfulness” say that they become more aware of how their own mind works. They see how their own filters impact perceptions and therefore the decisions they make.

How can you learn to slow down and be mindful while working? Follow these tips:

Use Reminders

Most people have a reminder app on their phone or computer. You can even ask Alexa to remind you of things. Use those tools to your. advantage and set yourself mindfulness reminders. For example, create a reminder that goes off once an hour that tells you to take five deep breaths, or maybe once a day use a reminder to go for a walk. Why are reminders so helpful? As humans, we get busy and forget! Use the technology around you to your advantage.

Be Present 

This tip sounds easy but in reality, remaining present all day is a huge task. Start small. Every time your mind wanders away from the task at hand, just take note and get back to work. Being present all day means that you are also present for the fun things! Maybe it’s a work celebration lunch or happy hour, but the more you practice being present, the more likely the habit is to carry over into your personal life too!

Focus on Your Breathing

Breath is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to being mindful. Any time you feel your thoughts getting away from you, come back to your breath. You can focus on counting inhales and exhales or even focus on saying the words “inhale” and “exhale” in your mind. You’ll be surprised just how effective breathing is!

When you have negative thoughts, try to sit down, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Focus on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Sitting and breathing for even just a minute can help.

Whatever tools you choose to be mindful, stick to them! Mindfulness is important in all areas of our lives, especially the workplace!