Most cat and dog insurance companies offer free and personalized online quotes. You specify the name, species, breed, age and status of your animal. This will result in a risk assessment and a choice of choice between several formulas with different levels of guarantees.

Study formulas

Please note there are formulas which reimburse only in the event of an accident, or only in the event of surgery. We do not recommend them. Take a complete formula that covers you in the event of illness, accident and surgery. Among these complete formulas, there are different levels of guarantees and therefore of prices.

The economic formulas cover the costs linked to large glitches: examinations, operations, hospitalizations, or any other veterinary procedure incurring immediately significant costs). They are cheaper because they only reimburse large claims. The intermediate formulas also cover the costs associated with mild illnesses.Finally, some “premium” formulas also offer reimbursement of prevention costs: annual health check, vaccines, and ant parasitic products.

Evaluate the subscription

Depending on the plan you choose, the monthlycontribution can go from simple to double. Pay attention to the possible evolution of this amount which can increase over the years.

Be vigilant about the deductible (part of the costs not reimbursed and which your responsibility remains). Each insurance establishes a minimum amount which goes from 0 to 150 euros. The deductible is applied, depending on the contracts, per year, per deed or per claim.

The reimbursement rate

Of course, the higher the amount of your mutual fund for dogs or cats, the more the reimbursementrate linked to veterinary costs will be optimal. Depending on the formula chosen, it can range from 50% to 100%.

Beware of the waiting period

A detail that is all the same important: the waitingperiod. It represents the time between the signing of the insurance contract for the animal and its actual taking. During the waiting period, the animal is not covered by the mutual fund! This period ranges from 7 days to 180 days depending on the contracts.

Adhere to the Veterinary Charter?

The Order of Veterinarians has adopted a charter with the objective of establishing better collaboration between veterinarians and animal health insurance professionals. Indeed, the arrival of animal insurance in many countries was marred by drifts among insurers, whose contracts lacked transparency. The work of the commission has helped to restore mutual trust between the professions and to develop insurance for dogs and cats and embrace pet insurance is one of the best at the moment.

Lifetime insured?

Finally, take a look at the terminationconditions that appear in the general conditions. For most companies, the animal’s lifetime warranty is not guaranteed. It is a fact; the veterinary costs of an animal represent a substantial budget. First, there are the costs linked to prevention (vaccines, deformers, etc.). But besides that, there are unfortunately the health problems that can arise at any age. Animals are more prone to accidents than humans. And, like humans, dogs or cats are vulnerable to   specific illnesses.

Diseases account for 3/4 of an animal’s health costs, so it’s important not to neglect them. In dogs, the most common diseases are digestive problems, skin problems and lameness. In cats, we must add urinary problems which are more frequent than in dogs. These accidents and illnesses can entail significant veterinarycosts, for example when it is necessary to hospitalize the animal, to carry out examinations or surgeries. Medicines can also be expensive, especially if they have to be given for the life of the animal.


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