Mom-life during the Covid epidemic brings different challenges that years prior. Some students are still attending virtual for school, so we are seeing many social – and healthy – activities also being eliminated.  Whether your kids play sports, including soccer or baseball, or go to dance class or gymnastic practice, 2021 may be leaving health deficits, such as less chances experiencing team building opportunities, which also effects confidence, coordination. Plus electronics have often become children’s main source of entertainment during these Covid times.

Interactive activities are fun for kids and also provide numerous benefits for a child’s physical well-being, learning and social and behavioral skills. They also promote overall fitness and health.

It’s no surprise kids today tend to play outside less than past generations, so it is important to ensure your kids are getting enough exercise and learning the importance of a healthy diet. 

I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah Bowmar, certified fitness nutrition specialist, certified personal trainer, prenatal and postpartum certified trainer.  She is also the founder and CEO of several businesses including Bowmar Nutrition. She is a best-selling Amazon author and her podcast, The Bowmar Show, has almost half a million downloads and can be found on all major podcast platforms. This blog encompasses all of her passions from travel to fitness to home decor and everything in between. She lives by the motto “go the extra mile- it’s never crowded”. 

With 1.2M IG followers, Sarah is reaching international audiences.  Her products at Bowmar Nutrition appeals to health 

enthusiasts around the world.

Since Sarah is a mom, I asked her for tips to navigate our kid’s health during Covid!

1. Involve your kids in healthy family food – We’re at home more now with our kids than before, so the time is ideal to involve them with YOUR healthy lifestyle.  Teach them the benefits of healthy food and let them pick meals!  Let them help with ordering groceries, have them count fruit and veggie servings, the possibilities are endless when you get in this habit!

2. Include your kids in your at-home regimens – Whether you exercise at-home or outdoors, let your kiddos be part of your activity.  Do jumping jacks together, have them time you on your stopwatch, count pull-ups, you and your kids can make this fun!

3. Shake the protein bottles! So many adults have the best memories of time with parents.  Have your little ones step up their game with shaking your protein bottle.  This will also allow the start of an ongoing, and hopefully liefling, conversation.

4. H20! Teach them young that water is always the best option. Sarah suggests adding a water enhancer or flavor enhancer. You can also buy your children a new water bottle to keep track of their daily water intake!

If you want more tips from Sarah, you can find her online  at and on IG at sarah_bowmar.