The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 all across the globe has resulted in the closure of everything. Self-quarantine is the best solution to control the spread and maintain family health. Schools have shut down, and it is challenging for the moms to keep their kids entertained at home.  

While quarantine is essential, it is equally needed that you keep your kids’ physically and mentally healthy. And for that, you should keep their routines in place, and involve them in following fun activities:

#1: Play Word Search Puzzles & Games

Playing word search puzzles with your kids is a combination of both entertainment and educational topics. In fact, many teachers at schools use them to introduce new words, spellings, and topics to kids. You can develop a habit to teach your kid one new word every day with the help of word search puzzles. You can play free online with your kids, or download printable workbooks with puzzles. Besides, you can even make your own word search puzzles to teach new words to your kids. 

#2: Find Creativity in the Kitchen

Kitchen and playing with food is an excellent idea to keep your kids entertained and busy at the same time. Pick simple cooking options and get creative with your kids in the kitchen. For instance, you can bake cookies, homemade pizza, or prepare crispy rice cake. Grab all the ingredients in the little bowls, and show them how to cook. Ask your kids to do the toppings. Let them make colorful faces and funny shapes. You can even watch online tutorials and try new delicious recipes with your kids. Like French bread pizza, baked spaghetti squash, jello ice pops, vanilla sugar cookies, etc.  

#3: Engage in Arts & Crafts

It wouldn’t be wrong here to say that 98% of the kids love doing arts and crafts. They like to spend time painting pictures, making pieces of jewelry, using leaves & flowers to make prints, etc. So why not take part in daily arts & crafts during this self-quarantine time. It can be a great idea to improve your kids’ art skills. You can create a project to keep your kids entertained for a few days. They can color or work on that every day. Moreover, many websites can teach different art skills to your kids, such as realistic drawing, constructive drawing, live sketching, oil painting, etc. 

#4: Set Up Indoor Treasure Hunt

Understandably, your kids are stuck at home during these uncertain times. It is imperative that you’re not keeping them cooped up. Thus, you must plan some indoor gaming activities to keep them entertained. The classic treasure hunt is an excellent option to keep them moving and engrossed. You can even search online for printable picture/non-picture clues. Place these clues in different places around the whole house. Add treasure like candies, chocolate bars, or toys with the clues. If you want to make it more fun, you can set a time limit. Indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is a good brainstorm activity for your little ones.