Children are fun simpletons.

They lack life experience. Yet, they don’t seem to care.

They’re exploring, loving, and responsive. That is, if you know how to press the right buttons…

Today, we’ll help you with that.

If you want to bond with your kids, read the list below. We’ll show you 5 activities to try together!

#1 – Group Gaming.

Like MMOs?

If so, get your kids to join one. Consider it a form of shared interests…

You can play the same games. And over time, you’ll develop a “specialty” in them!

And that makes for excellent conversation partners (years down the line). But the point is, group gaming is fun!

And don’t worry – it’ll be nothing like the obscenities you see in some TeamSpeak plays!

#2 – Cooking.

Alright – children aren’t the best cooks. Nor are they best at fine motor skillsets…

But, cooking together is a good activity. Because nothing helps you bond better than food!

But also, you might spark their interest in a lifelong skill. Because who knows, maybe your children will start cooking seriously!

Make it Outdoors.

How about a backyard grill?

You don’t need to invite neighbors over. You can just make it private time for you and the kids.

But if the neighbors do have kids, then why not? You can turn it into a play session. And you’ll have time to enjoy the food too!

#3 – Watch Multi-Episode Series.

We say multi-episode for a reason.

It’s just like gaming. You want a shared interest to get excited about.

You need a shared interest to unite you together.

Now, media like movies and documentaries can do that. But they’re not “frequent enough” to develop fandom.


Yes. If you and your kids are fans of the same show – isn’t that a bonus?

You actually have something to look forward. It’s a rendezvous every day, at a specific time, for you and family!

It’s something that sets context. It gets you on the same couch!

An Alternative.

Maybe you want watch the same series – but online.

You can binge watch many episodes together. There are many video sites that let you do so, at little to no cost!

#4 – Play Dress Up.

Why not?

Aren’t role playing games amazing? You can act out your imagination into play, with your kids!

It can be something light, like pretending to “explore a dungeon.” Or it could be something simple, like pretend home-making…

But while you’re at it…

Don’t Forget the Costumes.

Costumes make it more realistic – and enjoyable.

For example, you can enact out a wedding. So you might wear a tuxedo/dress yourself. And you can get a cheap flower girl dress for your daughter.

You can then sing along, and pretend a marriage ceremony is in place.

Or, how about a game of tag? But you can do it with ninja costumes, while tagging with plastic swords and shuriken!

The ideas are endless. But what’s important is – getting a costume makes it real!

#5 – Go Travelling.

The last tip on our list.

Travelling is a good bonding experience. But also, it’s an excellent way to educate your children…

You see, children are educated by what they see. They learn from others’ actions and emotions before words.

And you know what you should teach your children? Diversity.

Raise them to learn that the world is wide. Raise them to appreciate the diversity of humanity.

And while you’re at it – you can be their trusty tour guide.

They’ll have many questions, and it’s a chance to learn. Thus, it’s an experience that’ll last them a lifetime!