Business professionals are tempted to work hard to excel and ace in life. They are clearly making a mistake. It is important to work smarter, not harder. The key to productivity is working less. Make sure that every meeting is productive. Meetings are all-powerful tools that can provide structure, not to mention a strong course of action. These simple tricks will help you run successful meetings that have a considerable impact in productivity and employee motivation. Take the business planning approach to meetings every time.

Distribute the meeting agenda in good time

The list of things that the participants wish to accomplish during a meeting is included in the agenda. Not having an agenda is like having a meeting with no purpose. Construct the meeting agenda and distribute it ahead of time. Highlight the main discussion topics – in other words, what will be discussed during the gathering. Identify the people who are expected to take part in the meeting and require other members for their input. Take into consideration how much time you have. If the meeting, say, lasts an hour and a half, and you have five things on your agenda, you will have to organize your time wisely. Assure that your meeting is one time and on track. Send the agenda through email and think about bringing printed materials.

Record the proceedings for transcription

It is unreasonable to expect the participants to keep in mind every single point or have to decipher notes written in a hurry. Transcribing the event is the only solution when it comes down to ensuring accuracy and comprehensibility. Get a recorder and document the proceedings. Let the machine work its magic. When you have a clear audio recording, send it to professional transcriptions services. An outsourced transcription service can help you with simple and complex requests. You will have written proof of the meeting and be able to disperse the message in a timely manner. It is a good idea to record the proceedings yourself. Do not allow employees to use their smartphones, especially if the business has a legal issue.

Slow your talking speed

Many people do not worry about how fast they speak when they give a speech. They just focus on the key message and say what they have to say. If you normally speak quickly, slow your talking speed a little bit. Talking slower will help you get the message across and enable you to draw attention to words and phrases that make your utterance more interesting. You will not have to repeat yourself. The simple act of talking slowly will make you more influential in the office. Take pauses between thoughts. Not only will this make you more approachable, but also it will prevent participants from interrupting you. The rapid rate of speech will give the impression that you cannot wait for the meeting to end. Focus on the positive side of things, such as making a good impression. It is essential to deliver your speech at the right tempo.