Hani Zeini

With the unprecedented situation thrust upon us by the COVID-19pandemic, many people are struggling to cope with the massive disruptions to their daily lives. Staying healthy and looking after our physical and mental wellbeing has proven challenging. As people remain confined at home, with limited to no opportunities to move around or to socialize, tension is rising. This tension leads to anxiety and depression, which affects our overall health and wellbeing. Hani Zeini feels that it is critically important to stay healthy, both in terms of your body and your mind, so that you can support others in your family who may be suffering from the same issues. All you need to do is follow health advice that revolves around simple behaviors like eating a balanced diet, exercising, relaxing, and having a good night’s rest.

Hani Zeini on ensuring proper nutrition

Refrain from panic buying during the lockdown, and avoid staying at home extensively. Create a well-thought outshopping plan when stocking up on groceries. It will help you buy the right things and save money, while also avoiding wiping out community supplies. Buy items for making nutritious meals rich in healthy fats, protein, and produce, by considering what you already have in your pantry. Besides grains and canned items that have long shelf lives, weekly grocery runs are the time to buy fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes are foods you can keep in the freezer for a long time. When buying canned foods, ensure they have low saturated fats and refined sugars. Avoid giving into cravings that come from stress, and never shop while you are hungry.

Focus on fitness

Staying physically fit does not necessarily mean going to the gym every day. You can walk, run, or ride a bicycle. Just make sure to maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet from those around you. Exercising at home via virtual classes is also an option. Working out at home can be engaging if you are creative in using everyday objects from home as exercising aids. Use dishtowels as sliders, wine bottles as weights, or do step-ups with the help of a sturdy chair. If you want equipment-free workouts, do free-hand exercises like burpees, squats, planks, sit-ups, mountain climbers, and push-ups. Remember that a gym-style workout is not the only way to maintain physical fitness. Gardening, cleaning, and walking are practical passive exercises that can help keep you healthy.

Controlstress, improve sleep

When circumstances are awry, and there is no clear understanding of how to cope, this can lead to stress build-up that increases mental anxiety and disturbs sleep patterns. Poor sleep is detrimental to health. You can keep stress under control by practicing meditation or yoga which soothe the mind and promote relaxation.

Choose a quiet place free from technology and devices when you need to relax. Avoiding chaos will help declutter your mind. It will allow you to practice wellness by letting go of whatever is happening around you.