Ian Mausner-relationships remotely

The covid-19 pandemic has a dramatic influence on people’s life including their work and relationship with others. Millions of people have lost their loved ones and are trying to cope with the casualties. During such uncertain times, people are struggling to tackle the anxiety and the overwhelming situations. The majority of the people are unable to tackle the lack of connection with people due to social distancing.

Here are a few ways to build meaningful relationships during the Global upheaval

Make sure you listen to them with full attention

  • Reserve time for friends and family- As people work remotely, they cannot strike a balance between work and family time. It is essential to save some time for connecting with family and friends.
  • Pay attention- you must be available for friends and family when they need you. Try to keep your phone away for some time so that you connect with people physically.
  • Acknowledge your feelings- It is essential to vent out your feelings to others. It would help if you allowed people to support you when you are feeling low.

Experts’ advise people to take measures to make meaningful connections during the covid-19 pandemic

Maintain connections virtually

Do not allow the pandemic to stand in between your relationships. As you maintain social distancing, use your gadgets to stay in touch with your loved ones. People who live alone often crave visitors at their residence. The novel coronavirus has brought about a change in the lives of such individuals. Use your phones to make calls rather than spending all your time on social networking sites.

Many older adults are not comfortable with video calling as they believe in the old school method. The youngsters of the house can resolve the hindrance for older people and use the internet to stay connected with people globally, says Ian Mausner. Talking to people on video calls lacks a personal touch.

However, if you follow a few strategies, you can have a clue about other people’s emotions

•​Share some silence- while virtual connection means unstoppable conversation, but sometimes, it is necessary to share some silence during a call. It gives a feeling of security to the opposite party that others are there to support them.

•​Give others the time to speak– when you are conversing with a friend or family member, you must ensure that each party gets an opportunity to talk. There is no point in making calls and yapping throughout.

Render support

Pandemic is the best time to help others. You can render support to the people in your family by sharing household chores and planning your day together. Another way is to volunteer for people who are sick within the community. You may inspire people by performing simple tasks rending random kindness, suggests Ian Mausner.

Create opportunities for yourself and others

Some people are agitated by staying with many people in the same house. It would help if you created opportunities for yourself and others. Acknowledge the needs of other family members and try to change the mechanism of various tasks, says Ian Mausner.

You might be able to carry out your job by maintaining a routine. Group exercising and going for walks with family members will help improve your temperament.