it’s hard to say that celebrating a birthday in the midst of a global pandemic is impossible. But despite all the bad things that are happening right now, it’s normal that many of us want to make our friends ‘or family members’ birthdays as vibrant as possible, even when we can’t physically meet to celebrate.

So how can you find interesting creative ideas to celebrate the birthdays of your beloved friends and relatives while you are still undergoing the Lock down pandemic?

Here are some easy tips that will help you express a special day to a friend or family member to express the affection you give Personalized gift ideas that can be done remotely without having to meet physically.

Have a house party (virtual)?

Forget drinking more than Zoom РHouse party’s viral video chat application lets you have a virtual party with a group of friends.

In addition to giving you space to chat and hang out with anyone you like, House party offers a variety of activities in the application to do with your friends, including ‘Heads Up!’ and trifles. You can also share your screen with people on your phone, making it very easy to watch movies or TV programs together when you celebrate.

With up to eight people allowed to join each session, House party may not allow meetings as large as Zoom, but of course it will allow you to create a kind of party atmosphere for your friend’s special day.

In addition, there are many online activities that you can do together. From online escape rooms to virtual pub quizzes, you will be spoiled for choice. You can even organize your own virtual pub quizzes, and themes around birthday girls or boys!

Choose a special greeting card

While in “normal” times you might not care too much about birthday cards, in the current situation something as simple as a friendly message will definitely make a difference. American Sign Letters have a large selection of cards by different designers that you can now order online, or you can use card delivery services such as Thoughtful (which has now released an extraordinary collection of isolation and quarantine-themed cards) so that cards are sent directly to friends with messages that are already printed in it.

maybe there are still many ways to enliven a birthday at the time of this pandemic. and I will discuss it in a future article.

the conclusion is we have to stay home until the corona virus completely disappears and we can do normal activities again