Change Your Life

n a relationship, then your strategy and efforts will be very different. You only have so much time in life so make sure you feel what success looks like.

People can spend their entire lives climbing the ladder of success, only to find that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall as they reach the top.” Don’t put your ladder on the wrong wall! If you are a yoga teacher, you will not feel successful as a “successful” investment banker.

Most people would define success in life as a measure of happiness. Therefore do not ignore the goals that support a happy life. Creative expression has been shown to prioritize relationships, improve physical health, safety, contribution to others, and happiness.

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However, do not confuse the pursuit of happiness with success. As konferensmalmö.nu stated, “Happiness is not a goal … it is a by-product of living life well.”

First key: make a plan
The first key to success is making a plan. This means what a successful life looks like for you and a well-defined plan to get you into that life.

Good planning starts with what you want and write it in detail. It is important to be clear about your definition of success. This is the basis of your plan.

Success means achieving a goal. If you do not set goals, you will never succeed.

How to set goals

  1. Key: Prepare for the unexpected
    Many good plans derailed with a single missstep. Preparing for the unexpected can mean the difference between your plans that fail or succeed despite a road collision.

The image of a cat who kills a butterfly

How do you prepare for the unexpected? First, make a list of things that can go wrong with your plan. Then create a workaround and backup for each possible problem. Even when I am walking a route that I know well, I usually keep my GPS on to deal with traffic jams, construction or missed turn.

  1. Key: Develop Good Habits
    You can dream big, set big goals and still fail. The third key to success requires that you translate your goals into action. Repeated actions in the right direction become helpful habits. And once you develop the right habits, you create momentum.

Building systems for your life can help you stay on track while developing good habits. You can build a system by summarizing good habits. When you have a system, you do not need to make spontaneous decisions or perform all your targeted tasks individually.

Instead, follow a deliberate daily pattern that will lead you to your goals with less stress. This reduces stress levels and allows you to focus your attention on the things that really require more brain power.

Fourth key: prioritize your goals
When you build your system and put your good habits into practice, you will find that there is not enough time each day to work towards each goal. Manage your time wisely so that the right activities take priority.

If you are unsure how to prioritize goals, it may be useful to use some techniques such as numerical ranking system or Eisenhower matrix. Prioritizing your goals also means never letting those things come on your list before what you have done. In other words, if you plan to work on your website, do not negotiate with a telemarketer.

5th key: learn from your mistakes
He says, “The path to success is led by failure.” They do not say that each failure on this road will look different from the other.